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Mount Huashan Travel Tips

Mt. Huashan is regarded as the West Sacred Mountain. As one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, it is always a popular tourist site among domestic and foreign visitors. Mt. Huashan is located in Huayin City, which is about 120 km from Xian. This article is to introduce some comprehensive Mount Huashan Travel Tips to those who are interested in it.

Mt. Huashan
Mt. Huashan


Mount Huashan Transportation

► How to get to Mt. Huashan from Xian

1.Take ordinary train from Xian to Huashan station first, then take bus to Mt. Huashan Scenery Area. The bus fare is about CNY3 per person. Or you could also take a taxi from the station to Mt. Huashan Scenerey Area, which might take about CNY 15-20 per way per taxi.

2. Take high speed train from Xian to Huashan Bei Railway Station, where visitors can take free city bus No.1 or 2 to the Tourist Center of Mt. Huashan. Or you may take a taxi to scenic area.

3. Take Mt. Huashan Direct Bus from the east square of Xian Railway Station to Yuquan Garden of Mt. Huashan. It takes about 2 hours. The bus fare is about CNY30 per person.

4. Take Huashan Tourism Line Bus from Xian Chengdong Bus Station, which takes you directly to the Mount Huashan. There are buses between 07:00-19:15. The shuttle bus departs every 30 minutes. The bus will take 1.5 hours for one way.

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► The transportation within Mt. Huashan Scenery Area.

1. Shuttle bus within Mt. Huashan Scenery Area

Tourist Center-Wa Miao Gou (Stop for North Peak Cable line)

This shuttle bus line is also called Huang Fu Yu Line.
The bus fare is CNY20 per person per way.
Service hour: 07:00-19:00 (Mar-Nov), 09:00-17:00 ( Dec-Feb)
Duration: 20 minutes

Tourist Center-Weng Yu (Stop of West Peak Cable Line)
This shuttle bus line is also called Wengyu Line
The bus fare is CNY40 per person per way.
Service hour: 07:00-19:00 (Mar-Nov), 08:00-18:00 (Dec-Feb)
Duration: 50 minutes

2. Cable Car
♦ North Peak Sante Cable Line(Wa Miao Gou-North Peak)
High season (Mar-Nov)
Service hour:
Fare: CNY80 per person per way, CNY150 per person per round way

Low season(Dec-Feb)
Service hour:
Fare: CNY45 per person per way; CNY80 per person per round way

♦ West Peak Taihua Cable Line (Wengyu-West Peak)
High season (Mar-Nov)
Service hour:
Fare: CNY140 per person per way, CNY280 per person per round way

Low season(Dec-Feb)
Service hour:
Fare: CNY120 per person per way; CNY240 per person per round way

Mt. Huashan
Mt. Huashan

How to Travel at Mt. Huashan

► Classic One Day Mt. Huashan Tour

If you have only day for Mt. Huashan and hope to climb the mountain, this classic route is unmissable. This route is called ‘Huashan Yu’ by locals. It passes lots of scenic spots of Mt. Huashan and costs about 4-6 hours.

The climbing route:
West Gate-Wu Li Guan- Sha Luo Ping - Miao Nv Dong- Qing Ke Ping- Hui Xin Shi - Qian Chi Zhuang-Bai Chi Xia - Lao Jun Li Gou - Cha Er Ya - Cang Long Ling - Jin Suo Guan - Middle Peak of Mt. Huashan

Then we suggest you take the East Cable Line down to the foot of the mountain, then take shuttle bus to the exit of the scenery area.

Comfortable tour route:
Take shuttle bus to Wa Miao Gou, change cable car up to North Peak-Cang Long Ling-Wu Yun Feng-Jin Suo Guan- Ying Yang Dong - Chao Yang Peak ( East Peak) - Nan Tian Men ( South Peak)-Yang Tian Chi-West Peak-Middle Peak-Cang Long Ling - Hu Sun Chou - North Peak- take cable car down to the foot, change shuttle bus to the exit. 

Huashan Mountain
Huashan Mountain

► Two Days Mt. Huashan Hiking Tour
If you have enough time for Mt. Huashan, you can spend 2 days here to enjoy the majesty, danger and beauty of Mt. Huashan.

Day 01 West Gate-Sha Luo Ping - Lao Jun Li Gou - North Peak -Cha Er Ya - Cang Long Ling - Jin Suo Guan - Middle Peak. Overnight at the guesthouse at Middle Peak.

Day 02 Middle Peak - Jin Suo Guan - Yao Zi Fan Shen - East Peak - Changkong Plank Road - South Peak - West Peak

Then take West Calbe Line down to the foot and change shuttle bus to the tourist center. It takes about 2 hours down to the tourist center.

Note: 1. Those who have acrophobia, hypertension, heart disease or poor mentality avoid Yao Zi Fan Shen and Changkong Plank Road.

           2. Should you hope to create your own Mt. Huashan tour, do not hesitate to CONTACT with us to customize it. 

What to see at Mt. Huashan

There is only one way on Mt. Huashan since ancient time. Mt. Huashan was regarded as the most precipitous mountain in China. Mt. Huashan Scenery Area is wild, including Main Peak Area, West Sacred Temple Area, Xianyu Area, ect. The highlights of Mt. Huashan are steep and precipitous, tourist could experience it at Changkong Plank Road, Yao Zi Fan Shen as well as Qian Chi Zhunag, Bai Chi Xia and Lao Jun Li Gou which are cut on the steep cliff.

The five peaks of Mt. Huashan have its own characters. East Peak is the best place for sunrise. West Peaks looks like a lotus, where Chen Xiang saved his mother according to Chinese legend. The South Peak is the highest peak of Mt. Huashan with 2160 meters above the sea level.

Mt. Huashan is the sacred land of Taoism with more than 20 Taoist temples preserved, such as Yuquan Garden, Dongdao Courtyard, Zhenyue Hall, which are all listed as the main Taoist temples in China.

Mount Huashan
Mount Huashan

Where to stay when I travel to Mt. Huashan

Tourists could choose to stay at the foot of Mt. Huashan or on the top of Mt. Huashan. If you choose to stay at the foot, that means you stay in Huayin downtown. The accommodation fee is cheap. It is about CNY120 per room per night. Compared to the accommodation in Huayin, the accommodation on the top of Mt. Huashan is more expensive. It is about CNY100 per bed per night in low season. The price will be marked up too much in high season. Even though, the hotels on the top are often fully booked. You need to make reservation in advance.

If you choose to stay at the foot, the best area for accommodation is Yuquan Road and surroundings. This road connects with the gate of Mt. Huashan directly, with many restaurants, banks, supermarket, shops and hotels. Therefore, it is fairly convenient for climbing the mountain.


What to eat at Mt. Huashan

The best way is to prepare your own food if you climb Mt. Huashan, because the food at the restaurants on the top of Mt. Huashan is expensive and tastes common. The bottled water on the top is at 5-10 per bottle, also expensive. Therefore, if you are strong enough, we suggest you prepare some bottles of water. Besides, there are some vendors(villagers from the villages at the foot) sell cucumbers, tamatoes, ect beside the mountain paths, which you could buy for your hunger or thirst. 

Mt. Huashan
Mt. Huashan

Mount Huashan Travel Tips:

♦ When you travel in Mt. Huashan, safety is the most important thing. While walking, please watch your steps. 

♦ It will be too crowded during national holidays at Mt. Huashan. Please avoid visiting it in national holidays. 

♦ Please respect the porters at Mt. Huashan as whatever daily necessities are carried by them from the foot to the top.

♦ There are alpenstocks, raincoats, sports shoes, ect for rent in some shops nearby Yuquan Garden entrance (West Gate). The shopper clean them when they are returned every time. Where you rent, where you need to return. 

♦ Prepare some warm clothing before climbing Mt. Huashan as it is windy and humid on the top. 

♦ It is at low temperature when you watch a sunrise at the East Peak in the early morning. There are overcoat for rent at the hotel on the top. 

♦ There are only a few toiltes on the top of Mt. Huashan and the toilet condition is also not good. It is better to prepare mentally.