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Day Tour Xi’an to Hukou Waterfall

In here, I invite you have a day tour to Hukou Waterfall, reputed for its grandness and magnificence, and I recommend it to tourists, hikers and shutterbugs having a big interest in natural wonders.

Hukou waterfall is a famous natural tourist site in Shannxi, and but it is a bit far away from Xi’an, thus a day tour should be scheduled for it, which is also a tight time table. Transport from Xi’an to Hukou Waterfall takes several hours of transport, and a round trip need almost ten hours.

If you plan to have a tour to Hukou Waterfall, prepare yourself some time and then go on the journey with your backpack and camera.

Reading Guideline:

Hukou Waterfall

hukou waterfall

Hukou Waterfall  Facts

Hukou Waterfall is on the Yellow River, the second longest river in China, and also the mother river of China. Hukou Waterfall is located in Hukou township, Yichuan county, Yan’an, Shannxi, and it is  a shared natural resource between Shannxi and Shanxi, 350 kilometers away from Xi’an, Shannxi and 387 kilometers away from Taiyuan, Shanxi. For information about Hukou Waterfall in Taiyuan, Shanxi, please visit Hukou Waterfall.

Hukou Waterfall is the second biggest waterfall in China, and the world’s biggest yellow waterfall and it is formed because of crustal movement and fluviation. As a part of the Yellow River, the yellow water is due to soil erosion in the Loess Plateau. When the Yellow River flows here, its width of 300 meters is suddenly reduced to 20-30 meters within the narrowing section of less than 500 meters. Then a large flow of water directly falls down to this small mouth from the abrupt cliff with a height of over 20 meters. This is what it is featured with, grandness, roaming waters, and thunderous waterfall.

Hukou Waterfall winter is recommended to you. Hukou Waterfall in four seasons has different sceneries, and all of them are shocking and breathtaking. In spring and autumn, the waterfall is comparatively more magnificent due to water flow, and in term of water color, the water is in dark yellow in autumn, and in light yellow in spring. In summer, the waterfall is more roaming, but with a shorter fall, and  the water fall is shorten in big flood season because a huge water flow makes the river a higher river level. In winter, the two sides of the river are decorated with icicles, and there is a layer of ice floating on the river. Amazing and shocking is all that you can use to describe it.

hukou waterfall

Hukou Waterfall Travel Tips

  • Hukou Waterfall opening hours: 08:00-18:00
  • Hukou Waterfall tickets: 100 yuan
  • Best time to visit Hukou Waterfall: April-May, September-November, and this two periods are the flood season of the Yellow River, thus the waterfall would be more magnificent.
  • Hukou Waterfall Tour's time schedule: get up early and come to Xi’an Fangzhicheng bus station before 08:00, and take a bus to Hukou Waterfall. You are highly like to arrive Hukou Waterfall at about 13:00. Then you have a tour of about 4.5 hours, then take a bus back to Xi’an.
  • Meals: For your lunch and dinner, you may prepare some food or have them at a restaurant near the tourist site.

How to Get to Hukou Waterfall from Xi’an

hukou waterfall

  • Option 1: first take subway line 1 to Xi’an Fangzhicheng bus station(terminal station), second, take a long distance bus from Xi’an Fangzhicheng bus station directly to Hukou Waterfall. The bus transports from Xi’an to Hukou Waterfall at 08:00 and 13:20, and the driving takes about 5 hours. For the  bus starting at 08:00, 115.5 yuan is for a single trip and 184 yuan is for a round trip. The back bus transports from Hukou Water to Xi’an Fangzhicheng bus station at 12:00 and 17:40.
  • Option 2: take a high-speed train from Xi’anbei Railway Station to Yan’an Railway Station, which takes about 2 hours, then take a bus at Yan’an south bus station to Hukou Waterfall. The bus from Yan’an to Hukou starts at 07:30, 08:20, 15:40, and it costs about 40 yuan, and takes about 3 hours.
  • Option 3: take a bus from Xi’an to Fuxian or Yichuan, then transfer to Hukou Waterfall.
  • Option 4: charter a car or book car service from Topchinatravel.

I suggest, if you want to go by yourself, that you take option 1, which is cheaper and saves you time and energy. And if you are a bit lazy about schedule this troublesome things, you’d better book car service, which is the most comfortable and easiest option.

What to See & What to Do in Hukou Waterfall

First prepare your camera and find a good angle, of course you could try every angle to capture its beauty and magnificence.

Second, there are railings in the two sides of the river, and you could have a close and clear watching of Hukou Waterfall. When you stand close to the railings, you may get wet due to water vapour. Please be careful.

Third, go and see the roaming water falling down from a high place and rushing away. There are lots of water mists and vapours floating in air, and you have a big possibility to see a gorgeous rainbow because of sunlight.

Fourth, walk along the river. At a distance of 5 kilometers from Hukou to Mengmen, the river roams forward at a width of 30-50 meters and a deep groove of 10-20 meters.

Last , you may try on local clothing and have a mule-riding.