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Famous food in Xian

Famous food in Xian here will introduce you the most famous gourmets in Xian, this ancient capital city in China. Flour food such as the unique paomo and noodle takes a very important role in Xian eating culture. Now, come with Top China Travel to taste these delicacies.

Mutton Paomo

Mutton Paomo is one of the most representative local foods in Xian. It is also a “unique food peculiar to Shaanxi". As a well-known Muslim snack, Mutton Paomo enjoys an international reputation and is popular for tourists.

The English name of Mutton Paomo is mutton soup with pancake pieces. The main materials for this food are pancakes and mutton. The mutton soup is very important, and the pancake should be carefully selected. Besides, the ingredients of the Mutton Paomo are shallot, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, fennel, cassia, etc., which are also very important.


Xian Gourd Chicken

Known as “the best dishes of ancient capital of Changan”, Gourd Chicken is a very famous traditional cuisine in Xian. It is also a must-eat dish with golden rich color, crisp skin, tender chicken and good smell.

It is said that in Tang Dynasty, there was a official who was very particular about eating. One day he asked cooks to make tender chicken for him. The first two cooks were failed and whipped by him. The third one found a way from his cooking experience. He roped the chicken during cooking, and it became very tender.
As the shape of the dish looks like a gourd, hence the name.  

Qishan Noodles

Qishan Noodles’ hometown is Qishan County in Xian, hence the name. It has a long history. Since Qing Dynasty, the noodles have already got reputation widely.

Unlike other noodles, the Qishan Noodles are hand-made of good wheat flour which makes it tastes very good. Besides, there are several kinds of ingredients such as pork shreds, day lily, egg, wood fungus, and bean curd which are with flavors of various spices. The soup of the noodle is hot and sour which is suitable for both old and young.


Liangpi is a dish of cold noodles in a sauce with various flavor such as sweet, tangy, savory, herbal, nutty and dozens of others. It is very suitable to eat in summer and is also a very famous smack in Xian. The noodles are made from wheat or rice flour.

As the good taste of the dish, it is not just the snack in Shanxi Province now, and it has spread to every corner of China, especially the northern and central regions.

Rou Jia Mo

Rou Jia Mo, which means meat burger or meat sandwich in English, is a very famous local snack loved by people. It can be taken as the world’s oldest hamburger, as it appeared since Qin Dynasty, for about 2000 years ago.

The meat could be pork, and for musilims they could add beef or lamb. The stewed meat was very delicious. And with the Pancake, one Rou Jia Mo will make you feel full.
Nowadays, Rou jia mo becomes a symbol of Xian catering culture, if you do not have a taste of this snack, you may be regret and plan another visit to Xian again.