Xian - Taiyuan Trains


(Update on November 14, 2014) In this page, we offer Xian - Taiyuan trains information, as well as more details about train travel in China and tips for visiting the two cities for your reference.

Types of China Train
G – High-Speed Electric Multiple Units (EMU) Train
C – Intercity EMU Train
D – Electric Multiple Units (EMU)

Xian - Taiyuan Trains

There are a total of 18 pairs of trains traveling between Xian and Taiyuan every day. 10 of them are D trains (EMU-Electric Multiple Units). The rest are ordinary trains, like T-train, K-train and the low speed train.

D trains (with high speed) are the fastest and and best trains between the two cities. Currently, there are about 10 D trains, which take about 3 hours and 40 minutes to finish the whole journey. There is not sleeper ticket on D trains. Only seat tickets are available. It has first class seat and second class seat ticket for you to choose from. Some of them even has business ticket, which is better. It is suggested to take D train for your travel.

Other ordinary trains like T and K trains takes 9 hours to 11 hours and a half for one journey, much lower than D trains. Usually, it is not recommneded to take ordinary trains, not only for it costs a much longer time, but also the condition on the trian is not as good as that in D trains. If you insist to take ordinary trains, you would better take a over night train with a soft sleeper ticket, so that you can have a good rest on it. 

►Train from Xian to Taiyuan
D trains from Xian to Taiyuan depart from Xian North Railway Station ans arrive at Taiyuan South Railway Station. D trains run from 08::10 to 7:08 pm every day. As for ordinary trians, most of them depart from Xian Railway Station and only a few from Xian South Railway Station.

►Train from Taiyuan to Xian
D trains from Taiyuan to Xian set off from Taiyuan South Railway Station, while ordinary trains from Taiyuan Railway Station. D trains operates from 7:00 am to 6:40 pm every day.

Attentions: Xian - Taiyuan train information is for your reference only. Please check the ticket information including the tickets fares at the railway station or by your TCT tour advisors separately.

Notes for Booking Train Tickets

1. Train ticket can be booked 20 days in advance at most. There are four way for guests to buy train ticket in China: buy ticket at the Railway Station, online, by telephone or through travel agencies. More useful information you can find at page How to Book China Train Tickets.

2. Generally, there are five kinds of ticket for seats and sleepers on ordinary trains in China: soft seat and hard seat, Hard sleepers (upper hard sleeper, middle hard sleeper and lower hard sleeper), soft sleeper (upper soft sleeper and lower soft sleeper).

Usually, there are only seat tickets available on high-speed trains, including business seat, first class seat. No sleeper tickets available on high-speed trains.

3. In China, taking a train is a comparative cheaper way to cut down the travel cost. While correspondingly, the comfortable level is lower than by air.

Luggage: you need to take the luggages by yourself and keep an eye of them on transporting time, no luggage-checking service on the train.

Carriage: it may be crowded when in the domestic travel seasons as well as summer holidays.

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