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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Xian

When those people who have special diet travel to a new place, they are often worried about what they can have during meals. For those vegetarian, we introduce the best vegetarian restaurants in Xian to make them a trouble-free Xi'an tour. 

Tian Long Bao Yan Vegetarian Restaurant (天龙宝严素食馆)

This restaurants specializes in various vegetarian dishes. When you see their dishes at the 1st time, you will find some veggie food not look like veggie, but meat. Their veggie food is light, but delicious and not expensive. It is regarded as the best vegetarian restaurant in Xian.

Location: No 1 Ci En Xi Road, Xi'an


Bao Yan Vegetarian Restaurant (大兴善宝严素食馆)

Bao Yan Restaurant is an old established restaurant. The review to the food in this restaurant is mixed. But it is still a good vegetarian restaurant in Xian. Compared to the dishes in other restaurants, the plate decoration is not that fancy, but looks plainer. However, the food tastes good.

Location: No 55 Xing Shan Xi Road, Xian (in Da Xing Shan Temple)

Ba Xian Yang Shen Restaurant (八仙养身斋)

This is a small restaurant at back street. There is a corridor outside the restaurant. The dish price is low, but the waitresses are warm, service is good. And food is substantial. Therefore, eating in this restaurant will be a good deal.

Location: In the middle of Bei Huo Lane ( within Ba Xian Nunnery) 

Su Xin Ming (素心铭)

The food in this restaurant is very light. It is different from the imitation meat dishes in other vegetarian restaurants, all the food in this hotel is original vegetables before. Currently, the new operator also adds some imitation meat dishes into their menu, but also keeps somes original vegetable dishes. With Buddhism music, clients can be relaxed and in meditation while having meals. It is an authentic place for veggie.

Location: 60 meters to the west of Big Wild Goose Pagoda South Square

Pu Su Tea House (普素茶房高新店)

The food is very delicious. After meal, you could continue drinking tea with friends here. This restaurant is full of the atmosphere of Zen culture.

Location: No 239, Keji Road, Xi'an