Top Snacks in Xiamen

Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city in southern China, is a suitable destination for a leisure vacation without urgent itinerary. Here I list top snacks in Xiamen for travelers who plan a trip to Xiamen.

No. 1 - Shacha Noodle (沙茶面)

Shacha Noodle is a famous snack in Xiamen. The main ingredient is called “sha cha” which is made of shrimp sauce, curry, chilli powder, sesamum seeds, etc. Shacha sauce is in a taste of slight sweet and slight spicy, popular with people in Fujian, Canton and Hong Kong. A delicious sauce cooks with seafood.

Firstly cook the noodle in boiling water for few seconds, and then put the noodle into the bowl. You can put the materials with different tastes according to your preference. And finally, put the Shacha sauce into the noodle. Cook all the materials with the Shacha sauce together for 1 min. And then, pour the soup into the bowl of noodle. And you can enjoy it.

Top Snacks in Xiamen
► Recommended Shacha Noodle Restaurants
Yuehua Shacha Noodle Restaurant (月华沙茶面店)
Recommended taste: Black sugar Shacha noodle
Add: Opposite to the Minli Primary School, No. 78, Zhenbang Road, Xiamen (镇邦路78号, 民立小学对面)

Dazhong Shacha Noodle Restaurant (大中沙茶面店)
No. 49, Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen (思明区中山路49号)

Jiaweizaitian Snack Restaurant(佳味再添小吃)
No. 49, Datong Road, Xiamen (大同路49号)

No. 2 Oyster Omelette (ô-á-tsian) (海蛎煎)

Oyster Omelette is mainly made by oyster. The oyster in Xiamen is in a small size in triangle shape. The oyster meat is delicious. When you enjoy the oyster omelette, eat it with chili sauce, you will find the taste is fantastic.
Top Snacks in Xiamen
► Recommended Oyster Omelette Restaurant:
Lianhuan Oyster Omelette Restaurant (莲欢海蛎煎)
No. 4, Jukouhengxiang, Jukou Street, Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen(思明区中山路局口街局口横巷4号)

No. 3 Peanut Sweet Soup (花生汤)

Peanut Sweet Soup in Xiamen is a simple but popular snack among locals.The cook method of it is a little complex. Firstly, using the boiled water to soak the peanut, and then peel the peanut skin. After that, cook the peanut by the pressure cooker. When the peanut is cooked thoroughly, put sugar into the cooker and continue to cook it till the peanut becomes tender. When eat this sweet soup, you can enjoy it together with desserts or snacks.
Top Snacks in Xiamen
► Recommended Peanut Sweet Soup:
Huangzehe Peanut Sweet Soup Restaurant
No. 22 - 24. Zhongshan Road, Xiamen (厦门中山路22-24号)

No. 4 Sea Worm Jelly (土笋冻)

Sea Worm Jelly is a kind of jelly made of seafood. Sea worm, literary called sipunculid worm, is a kind of annelids. When this worm is cooked tenderly, the pectin of it mixes with water, and finally become a kind of jelly, thus the name Sea Worm Jelly. The Sea Worm Jelly can be eaten together with different kinds of sauces according to your taste preferences, such as sweet sauce, sour sauce. Although the name of this snack sounds a little terrible, it is one of the most popular snacks in Xiamen.
Top Snacks in Xiamen
► Recommended Sea Worm Jelly Restaurant
Ximen Sea Worm Jelly Restaurant (西门土笋冻)
Add: No. 33, Douxi Road, Siming District, Xiamen (思明区 斗西路33号)

No. 5 Glutinous Rice Dumpling (烧肉粽)

Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Fujian can be made in different tastes including salty, sweet, green bean taste, etc. And the most famous one is in Xiamen. This kind of dumpling should be eaten immediately when it is cooked well. The ingredients can be shrimp, pork, Chinese chestnut, mushroom, etc.
Top Snacks in Xiamen
► Recommended Glutinous Rice Dumpling Restaurant:
1980 Glutinous Rice Dumpling (1980烧肉粽)
No. 353, Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen (思明区中山路353号,近工人文化宫旧址)

No. 6 Spring Roll (春卷)

Spring Roll, also called Spring Cake, is a kind of snack which is always eaten during the spring festival. The spring roll is a delicious food with stuffing such as meat, egg, fish, etc. Not only Xiamen people like to eat it, but also the whole national people like this snack.
Top Snacks in Xiamen
► Recommended Spring Roll Restaurant:
Aqing Spring Roll Restaurant (阿卿春卷)
No. 8, Jukou Street, Siming District, Xiamen (思明区局口街8号)