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How to Plan a Trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou from Xiamen

Nanjing Hakka Tulou as a special residential building in Fujian, has been under national prection, and it has great values in sightseeing to visitors. For tourists who want to plan a trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou, here we make this useful article about how to plan a trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou, which is suitable to most tourists to have an independent Nanjing Hakka Tulou tour.

How to Get to Nanjing Hakka Tulou

Nanjing Hakka Tulou Facts

Nanjing Hakka Tulou Highlights

Nanjing Hakka Tulou Tour Itinerary


How to Get to Nanjing Hakka Tulou from Xiamen

Nanjing Hakka Tulou Location. It is located Shuyang town, Nanjing county, Zhangzhou city, about 160 km from Xiamen, which takes 2 h and 45 min of driving.

Get to Nanjing Hakka Tulou from Xiamen

By train+bus(Xiamen-Nanjing Railway Station-Nanjing Hakka Tulou)

Tourists could take train from Xiamen Railway Station or Xiamen North Railway Station to Nanjing Railway Station, and then take tourist bus to Nanjing Hakka Tulou.

Step 1: high speed train from Xiamen to Nanjing. Trains from Xiamen to Nanjing are 22 times a day, and the earliest train departs Xiamen Railway Station at 7:12 AM, and arrive at Nanjing at 8:02 AM.

  • Departure time from Xiamen: from 7:12 AM to 8:22 PM.                                
  • Duration time: 35 min to 60 min.
  • Ticket: 28.5 yuan for a first class seat, 46 yuan for a second class seat, and 84.5 yuan for a business class ticket.

Step 2: bus from Nanjing Railway Station to Nanjing Hakka Tulou. Tourists could take No. 6 public bus at the railway station to the Reception Center of Nanjing Hakka Tulou, and then take tourist bus to Nanjing Hakka Tulou from the Reception Center.

By bus (Xiamen-Nanjing Bus Station-Nanjing Hakka Tulou)

Tourists could take bus from Fanghu Bus Station to Nanjing Bus Station. Buses are available at 7:30 AM-5:50 PM, and will arrive at Nanjing after 2 hours, and the ticket costs 39 yuan per person. At Nanjing Bus Station, tourists should transfer to bus to the scenic area, which cost about 20 yuan per person.


Nanjing Hakka Tulou Facts

How to plan a trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou
(Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou)

Hakka Tulou, literally means earth building, and it is the ancient residential building to Fujian people, mainly made of earth, wood, bamboo and stone, with features of good ventilation and lighting, warm in winter and cool in summer. Hakka Tulou is mostly in a shape of circle, square, rectangle, etc. Hakka Tulou generally has 3-5 floors, the first floor as kitchen, the second floor as warehouse, and the third floor and above as living room, and one Hakka Tulou building can accommodate 200-700 people.

Hakka Tulou originated from barracks and castles at the Tang Dynasty, up to now, it has a history over 1000 years. As a residential building for a large group of people, it has the function of living and protection from foreign attack. Fujian Hakka Tulou has been listed as World Heritage. Famous Hakka Tulou is Nanjing Hakka Tolou, and Yongdi Hakka Tulou.

Nanjing Hakka Tulou consists of Yunshuiyao Hakka Tulou, Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou and Hekeng Tulou. Most tourists would like to visit Yunshuiyao Hakka Tulou and Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou which have big names in tourism. Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou group is comprised of 1 rectangle building, 3 circle buildings and 1 oval building, which are named Buyunlou, Zhenchanglou, Ruiyunlou, and Hechanglou respectively, and these 5 buildings have a nickname as “4 dishes and 1 soup”.

Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou

  • Open time: 7:00 AM-7:00 PM.
  • Entrance ticket: 100 yuan, covering Tianluo Hakka Tulou, Yuchanglou, and Taxia Village.
  • Ticket for sightseeing bus: 15 yuan.


Nanjing Hakka Tulou Highlights

How to plan a trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou

Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou Scenic Area has 3 parts, Tianluokeng, Yuchanglou, and Taxia Village.

Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou has 5 buildings, where lives the family of Huang. The first building is Buyunlou, built at 1796. Buyunlou is in the center of these 5 buildings, in a square shape, and it has 3 floors, 26 rooms in each floor and 4 stairs. Hechanglou has 3 floors, 22 rooms in each floor, and 2 stairs, while Zhengchanglou has 3 floors, 26 rooms in each floor.

Yuchanglou. It is the oldest and roundest Hakka Tulou existing. At about 1368, it was built by 5 families, but right now, only the Liu family lives in there because the others had moved out. Yuchanglou has 5 floors, 18.2m high, 54 rooms on each floor, 270 rooms in total, covering an area of 2289 square meters, and a building area of 6358.2 square meter. It is a circular building with civil structure and gallery style. The wall thickness of the first floor is 1.8 m, which is reduced by 10cm layer by layer.

Taxia Village is an ancient village in mountains, built at 1426, and also a very beautiful village, where you could see many Hakka Tulou in various shapes, and stilted buildings, and other special buildings, and also see a cleaning winding river, and stone bridges. You could have a great time just by having a stroll in this village.

How to plan a trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou
(Taxia Village)

What to do in Nanjing Hakka Tulou:

  • Visit Hakka Tulou, see those old buildings and learn about its specialties.
  • Stroll in villages, and enjoy the beautiful countryside views.
  • Drink cups of tea planted in the tea plantation in Taxia Village.
  • Taste local food, with fresh vegetable planted by local people.


Nanjing Hakka Tulou Tour Itinerary

Days for Nanjing Hakka Tulou tour: 1-2 days. One day tour from Xiamen to Nanjing Hakka Tulou would be a bit rushed, because you need to spend about 3 hours on road to Nanjing and 3 hours back to Xiamen. If you are not short of time, we recommend a 2 days tour to you.

Where to stay: Tianloukeng Hakka Tulou, where you could see great night views. There are rooms available for tourists in Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou. Moreover, tourists also could stay in a guesthouse around Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou.

Sightseeing ways: tourist bus + walk.

Tourists should take tourist bus at the ticket place, and it has 3 stops and takes over 20 min to the villages and will bring you to Tianluokeng, Yuchanglou, and Taxia Village one after another. After getting off the bus, tourists should walk to the attractions for sightseeing.

how to get to nanjing hakka tulou

Nanjing Hakka Tulou day tour itinerary:

Depart to Nanjing Hakka Tulou from Xiamen:

  • Take train from Xiamen to Nanjing, and arrive at Nanjing Railway Station before 10: 00 AM.
  • Take bus to Nanjing Hakka Tulou ticket office, and take tourist bus to Nanjing Hakka Tulou Scenic Area before 12:00 AM.

Sightseeing time: 12:00 AM-5:00 PM.

Sightseeing route:

  • Take tourist bus to Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou, sightseeing & dining for lunch (2 hours)
  • Take tourist bus to Yuchanglou, sightseeing for 1 hour.
  • Take tourist bus to Taxia Village, sightseeing for 2 hours.
  • Take tourists bus back to the ticket office.

Leaving. Take bus from the ticket office to Nanjing Railway Station, and take train back to Xiamen.

How to plan a trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou

Nanjing Hakka Tulou 2 days tour itinerary:

Day 1:

  • Go to Nanjing Hakka Tulou: take train to Nanjing Railway Station, and take bus to Nanjing Hakka Tulou ticket office, and take tourist bus to the scenic area before 12:00 AM.
  • Sightseeing time: 2:00 AM-6:00 PM.
  • Sightseeing route: Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou-Yuchanglou-Taxia Village-Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou for accommodation-watch Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou night views.
  • Where to stay: Tianluokeng Hakka Tulou.

How to plan a trip to Nanjing Hakka Tulou

Day 2:

  • Go to Yunshuiyao Scenic Area from Tianluokeng: take No. 6 public bus to Yunshuiyao from Nanjing Hakka Tulou Reception Center before 8: 00 AM.
  • Yunshuiyao Scenic Area sighteeing
  • Sightseeing hours: 9:00 AM-12:00 AM.
  • Sightseeing route: Huaiyuanlou-Yunshuiyao-Heguilou.
  • Go to Hekeng Hakka Tulou(optional): Hekeng Hakka Tulou is not as popular as Yunshuiyao and Tianluokeng, therefore there are less tourists. From Yunshuiyao to Hekeng, it takes about 30 min, and tourists could spend 2 hours for Hekeng sightseeing.
  • Take bus for leaving and take train back to Xiamen.

For having a great to Nanjing Hakka Tulou, tourists could charter a car for transportation, or make a tailor-made tour.

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