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How to Plan a Trip to Mt. Wuyi

Mt. Wuyi is one of the most beautiful places in Fujian, highly recommended to tourists, especially those who like outdoor activities, hiking in mountain areas and enjoy beauty from the nature. For tourists who are travelling in Fujian, or planning a trip to Mt. Wuyi, here we make this useful article about how to plan a trip to Mt. Wuyi step by step, and offer you the necessary information to make this Mt. Wuyi tour easy and wonderful.

How to Get to Mt. Wuyi

Mt. Wuyi Facts

Mt. Wuyi Highlights & Sightseeing

Mt. Wuyi Tour Itinerary


How to Get to Mt Wuyi

Location: Mt. Wuyi is located at Xingcun Town, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, in the northwest of Fujian.  Mt. Wuyi is close to Xiamen (464 km), Fuzhou (265 km) and Nanping (40 km). For approaching to Mt. Wuyi, there are airport and train stations available. Mt. Wuyi is 13 km from Wuyishan Airport, 22 min of driving, 16 km from Wuyishan Railway Station, 25 min of driving, 25 km from Wuyishan North Railway Station, 35 min of driving, and 26 km from Nanping Railway Station, 30 min of driving.

Ways to Get to Mt Wuyi

By flight


Tourists could take flight from Xiamen to Mt. Wuyi, usually 1 flight per day available, 18:55-20:00, and the full price for economy class is about 800 yuan. From Wuyishan Airport to Mt. Wuyi, you could take taxi or take public bus No. 5, No. 6, and No. 7. If you take flight, you need to stay 1 night in Mt. Wuyi.

By train

From Fuzhou to Mt. Wuyi, tourists could take high speed train at Fuzhou Railway Station and arrive at Wuyishan North Railway Station, which takes 1 hour 20 min and 119.5 yuan for a second class ticket, and then take public bus No. 7 or take taxi to the Mt. Wuyi Scenic Area. The earliest train runs at: 07:07 AM. Or you could arrive at Nanping Railway Station, with 1 hour 5 min, 103.5 yuan for a second class ticket, and next take public bus No. K1 or take taxi to Mt. Wuyi Scenic Area. The earlies bus leaves at 06:55 AM.

From Xiamen to Mt. Wuyi, high speed trains are also available for tourists to get off at Wuyishan North Railway Station and Nanping Railway Station. The earliest train to Wuyishan North Railway Station leaves Xiamen at 9:00 AM and runs 2 h 55 min, and a second class ticket costs 218 yuan. While the first train from Xiamen to Nanping Railway Station leaves at 06:00 AM and arrives at 09:02 AM.


Mt. Wuyi Facts

Mt. Wuyi-how to plan a trip to Mt. Wuyishan

Mt. Wuyi lies in the northwest of Fujian Province and close to Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. Mt. Wuyi is a huge scenic area and covers an area of about 1000 square kilometers, and divided into several parts. It is comprised of many mountains, rivers, forest, and canyon, with Huanggang Mountain as the highest, 2,158 meters, and Tianyou Peak the most famous.

Mt. Wuyi has been listed as World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, and as a famous scenic area and a great place for avoiding hot summer, it has attracted lots of tourists to come for its gorgeous Danxia landscape, where you could see original forest. Moreover, it is a sacred mountain to Chinese Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, where you could see many cultural sites, such as the Buddhism temples and Taoism temples.

Mt. Wuyi weather. Mt. Wuyi has a mild climate in four seasons, and its annual average temperature is about 12 ℃ ~ 13 ℃, the average temperature in January is about 3 ℃, and the average temperature in July is 23 ℃ ~ 24 . It is the place with the most rainfall in Fujian Province, the annual precipitation is over2000 mm, and the annual relative humidity is as high as 85%.

Best time to visit Mt Wuyi: April to October.

Mt. Wuyi Scenic Area facts:

2 entrances: the South Entrance, and the North Entrance.

Tickets: there are through tickets for 1 day sightseeing, 2 days sightseeing and 3 days sightseeing, which could include entrance ticket, Jiuqu River bamboo raft, Impression Dahongpao and sightseeing bus.

Bamboo raft: 100 yuan per person (drifting about 9.5 km/ 1.5 hours).

Impression Dahongpao: 218 yuan (70 min).


Mt. Wuyi Highlights & Sightseeing

What is Mt. Wuyi comprised of?

Mt. Wuyi is comprised of 14 parts, and the essentials are Tianyou Peak Scenic Area, Jiuqu River Scenic Area, Wuyi Palace Scenic Area, Dahongpao Scenic Area. Each part is far away, but there are sightseeing buses for your convenience.

Tianyou Peak is 408.8 meters high, praised as the best place to visit in Mt. Wuyi, where you could see gorgeous scenery of Mt. Wuyi all the way from the foot to the top, including waterfalls and the river. There are stone steps for tourists to climb, 30-60 min for a single trip. In Jiuqu River, you could have a serene time, enjoying the scenery along the river by having a bamboo raft.

In Dahongpao Scenic Area, you could see Dahongpao tea trees growing in cracks. Wuyi Palace is the place to visit cultural sites, such the Taoist temple.

What is the best of Mt. Wuyi?

Mt. Wuyi-how to plan a trip to Mt. Wuyi

Mt. Wuyi has 3 things which make Mt Wuyi famous to the world, mountains, Jiuqu River, and tea. Wuyi mountains are in Danxia landform, and this landform gives magic to those mountains and makes them lifelike through the amazing shapes. Among those quiet mountains, you could feel the spiritual of the water, coming out from the earth, running in and out mountains, falling down from high places, or just drifting down. Another one is Dahongpao Tea, a famous tea in China, originally planted in Mt Wuyi. Dahongpao Tea is outstanding from other tea for its fragrance and its great function to health.

What to do in Mt. Wuyi Scenic Area?

  • Climb mountains, explore wonders inside of mountains, such as caves.
  • See waterfalls, and take bamboo raft.
  • Visit cultural sites and learn about Chinese culture.
  • Have a tea tour, visit the planting place, and drink cups of tea, Dahongpao Tea.


Mt. Wuyi Tour Itinerary

Mt. Wuyi-how to plan a trip to mt. wuyi

For having a Wuyi tour, we recommend you make it 1-2 day. Mt. Wuyi Scenic Area is a huge place for sightseeing, and if you visit all places, it may need 2 days. If you don’t have 2 days, you could also make it a 1 day tour. Here we make a Mt. Wuyi tour itinerary for your reference.

Day 1:

  • Arrival at the south entrance of Mt Wuyi Scenic Area before 10: AM.
  • Buy ticket or fetch ticket and take tourist bus to Tianyou Peak Scenic Area, and climb mountains, enjoy the fabulous panoramic views (2-3 hours).
  • Take sightseeing bus to Jiuqu River Scenic Area and take bamboo raft (1-2 hours).
  • Go to Wuyi Palace Scenic Area which is in the terminal of bamboo raft, and see cultural buildings and hang around in the ancient street of the Song style (1-2 hours).
  • Go to the theater before 19:30, close to Wuyi Palace, and watch Impression Dahongpao.

Day 2:

  • Go to the South Entrance and take sightseeing bus to Yunv Scenic Area, Wuxiaoyan Scenic Area, and then to Yizitian Scenic Area.
  • Take sightseeing bus to Dahongpao Scenic Area and then to Shuiliandong Scenic Area
  • Leave from the North Entrance.

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