Top Wetlands in Wuxi

Because Wuxi is surrounded by Taihu Lake, there are so many wetlands around the city. Wetland, the most eco system in modern city, is a good place to enjoy a weekend trip. Here we list top wetlands in Wuxi for your reference.

Most of these wetlands are free for visitors. And each park offers parking lot for self-driving tourists, as well as restaurants, tea houses, and entertainment area.

Best time to visit wetland: Mar to May
What to do: appreciate flowers, hiking, camping, biking
Who recommend to visit: Suitable for self-driving visitors


Li Lake National Wetland Park  蠡湖国家湿地公园

Li Lake National Wetland Park is located in Wuxi Taihu Lake on the eastern side, belonged to the Yangtze River and Taihu River basin area. It is a typical lake wetland. The park (scenic) planning area is 1,126 hectares. And the wetland inside area is 823.9 hectares. Under the jurisdiction of Li Lake Park, there are many sites such as Bridge Park, Jincheng Bay Park, Changguangxi National Urban Wetland Park, Baojiehu Park, Fisherman Island, Bogong Island, totally 15 free sub-parks

Wetland Park (scenic) is in the flat terrain, with a ground elevation 4 meters. Wetland is the ideal place to carry out eco-tourism and leisure tourism, as well as the base for science education, scientific research, youth internships natural knowledge of education.

Changguangxi Wetland Park 长广溪湿地公园

Changguangxi National Wetland Park is a sub park of Li Lake area. Around the wetland,the wooden trestle are built for visitors to have a leisure walk. Inside the park, visitors can walk to appreciate flowers and watch birds (this land is the habitat of egrets and some more rare species birds.)

Jiulihe Wetland Park 九里河湿地公园

Jiulihe Wetland Park takes the flower land style as the park theme. The square, lake, green land inside the park are all beautiful. The flower slope along the lake is highlight of this park. Connecting with the typical “Jiangnan” scenery, the flower slope shows a fantastic Spring scenery for visitors to see.


Huishan Wetland Park 惠山湿地公园

Huishan Wetland is located on the north side of Nanbei Jingguan Avenue of Huishan District in Wuxi City. Originally, it was an abandoned area. With an investment and construction, it becomes a eco-system wetland with various kinds of trees.

Lianghong Wetland Park 梁鸿湿地公园

Taking the Wu Kingdom (a country in Three Kingdoms Period) as the basic theme, and the filed scenery as the background, connecting the natural lake and filed together, Lianghong Wetland is the most famous cultural eco wetland in lower Yangtze River triangle area.

Shangxianhe Wetland Park 尚贤河湿地公园

Shangxianhe Wetland Park is located in the new city central of Taihu Lake. It is a free wetland park open to the public. And it is the most important public green land in Taihu New City construction. Started from the Liangtang River in north, and connected Taihu Lake in south, the total length of the Shangxian River is about 8 km. Insides, there are thousands of flowers and trees which is a natural oxygen bar for visitors.