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Best Time to Visit Wuxi

Wuxi is not as famous as Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. But it is the best place to see the most beautiful lake in China - Taihu Lake. It is a city belonged to Taihu Lake. Boating on the lake, walking along the lake, and climbing the hill around the lake, all of the attractions in Wuxi are surrounded by the Lake.
Best Time to Visit Wuxi
Besides lake, the lifestyle here is also leisure. Go to the Chong’an Temple or Nanchan Temple to find the delicious snacks in the lunch time. And then, a leisure walk to those interesting shops in the afternoon. Wuxi, titled as the pearl of Taihu Lake or a small Shanghai, has been existed since Shang Dynasty. So it is an ancient city to see the most elegant taste of the Jiangnan (area on the southern Yangtze River delta).

Best Time to Visit Wuxi

Spring (Mar - May): although Wuxi is in a changeable weather, Spring is the best time to see the plum blossom, azalea, orchid. It is the best time to have a hiking to appreciate the blossoms.
Best Time to Visit Wuxi

Summer (Jun - Aug): it is a comparative hot season, but it is the time to see lotus in Taihu Lake, and also pay a visit to Changguang Wetland Park. During this period, you can eat so many fruits such as peaches and grapes.
Best Time to Visit Wuxi

Autumn (Sept - Nov): it is the golden travel season in Wuxi because of the fine weather. The sunny and cool days will ensure a comfortable temperature for visitors.

Best Time to Visit Wuxi

Winter (Dec - Feb): it is cold and wet, suitable for enjoying the hot spring or visiting Mt. Lingshan.

Best Time to Visit Wuxi

What to Pack for Wuxi Tour

Wearing T-shirts in Summer and coats in Winter. And also, it is frequently to meet rainy days in Winter. So better to keep warm and be careful for the low temperature outdoors.

From Spring to early Summer (Mar to early Jul), it is rainy season as well. Long-sleeve shirts and a jacket will be fine.

Festivals in Wuxi

► Plum Blossom Festival
Plum garden Mt. Hengshan scenic area
Time: Jan - Mar
Plum Garden is the unique garden in the world to plant all kinds of plums inside. During the Spring Festival period, you can not only see the plum blossoms but also take a part in the Spring Festival activities.
Best Time to Visit Wuxi
► Cherry Blossom Festival
In Tortoise Head Garden
Time: Late Mar to Apr
There are more than 30,000 cherry tress in Tortoise Head Garden. It is the largest scale cherry planting base in China. And till now, it is titled as one of the top 3 cherry gardens in the world.

► Azalea Festival
In Xihui Park
Time: Apr - Jun
There are 300 kinds of azalea and 500 azalea bonsai. Besides, there are various kinds of flowers can be found in Xihui Park. It is a festival to have a outdoor picnic.

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