Best Places to Visit in Wuxi

The best places to visit in Wuxi are related to Taihu Lake and Lingshan Mountain. Located on the east of China, close to Suzhou, Wuxi is a city surrounded by Taihu Lake. When referred Wuxi, the most famous place will be Yuantouzhu area which is a best place to enjoy the Tailhu Lake view as well as a place to see cherry blossoms during the spring time. So, here we would like to list some best places to visit in Wuxi for travelers who are planning a Wuxi tour.
Best Places to Visit in Wuxi

Tortoise Head Garden (Yuantouzhu Garden)

This attractions ranks the must-see in Wuxi tour. Tortoise Head Garden lies on a peninsula stretched on the north bank of Taihu Lake. Its outline looks like the head of an enormous tortoise, hence the name. In this attraction, you can have a boating trip on the Taihu Lake for the misty Taihu scenery. You can appreciate cherry blossoms during the spring season.
Best Places to Visit in Wuxi
Tortoise Head Garden is located in the southwest Wuxi. It is the most beautiful area of Taihu Lake. And the Taihu Island is the must-see in the scenic area. On the island, there are Taoism and Buddhism statues. And if you climb up the island in a fine day, you can enjoy a memorable lake view there.

There are many gardening places in Tortoise Head Garden. All of these were once the residences of officials or celebrities. Walking around the garden, you can find relics of stone carvings and paintings there.

Lingshan Grand Buddha

Lingshan Mountain is a holy mountain in Buddhism culture in China, The grand standing Buddha statue is the tallest bronze one in the world. The body of the Buddha is 79 meters high, stands on a 9 meters high lotus shaped seat.
Best Places to Visit in Wuxi
This grand Buddha is large enough for people who just pass by the scenic area by cars can see it clear far away. Because of its height, people could not get a full picture of the statue on the foot of it. There is an interesting phenomenon when visiting the grand Buddha. When you look up the grand Buddha, no matter how far or how close to it, the eyes of the Buddha always stare at you. 

Lingshan Buddha Palace

Not far away from the Grand Buddha statue, the gorgeous Buddhist Palace locates right on the foot of Lingshan Mountain, which has a total construction area of 70,000 square meters, eighteen meters deep. This magnificent structure has 3 layers, decorates with 5 tower-shaped topping. A stramonium-shaped chancel lays on the back part of the building.
Best Places to Visit in Wuxi
It is a very luxury Buddhism palace. The architecture is built in a Tibet Tower style and mixed with grottoes and traditional Buddhism factors. The large stones on the outside wall were carved in elaborate patterns. The five golden tops are magnificent. Inside, it is more luxury than the outside decoration. 

Jichang Garden

Jichang Garden is located on the east side of Huishan mountain in Wuxi. It is the most famous classical garden in Wuxi. Built along the Huishan Mountain, and applied the natural spring, decorated with the pavilion, the well structure of the gardening style makes this garden quiet and leisure.
Best Places to Visit in Wuxi
Jichang Garden was once the private garden of an official in Ming Dynasty. It ranks as one of the top four gardens in south dealt area of Yangtze River, with the Zhan Garden in Nanjing, Humble Administrator Garden and Lingering Garden in Suzhou. Jichang Garden was once favorable by Kangxi and Qianlong two emperors. Even the one of the gardens in Summer Palace was built based on the structure of Jichang Garden.

Liyuan Garden

Liyuan Garden is located in the Qingqi Village, about 2.5 km away from Wuxi City, named because of the Li Lake. It is said that Fan Li, an official in Spring and Autumn Period, helped the King of Yue Country to eliminate Wu Country. After that, Fan Li, traveled to Wuxi and enjoyed a boat with his lover Xi Shi on this lake. In memory of him, this lake was called Li Lake.
Best Places to Visit in Wuxi
The garden is divided into three sections: a landscaped section of hills and rocky paths is flanked by a further two areas where pavilions, corridors and rockeries have been built and carefully planted with fragrant blossoming plants.