Best Places for Wuxi Spring Trip

Where is the best place to travel in Wuxi in Spring? Where to see rape flowers in Wuxi? Which place is suitable for a Wuxi self-driving trip? Which place is recommended for a family trip with kids? In this page, we would like to list top 6 places to visit in Wuxi in Spring season for your reference.

The warm climate and humid ground are good conditions to make Wuxi become a city of flowers in all year around. In Jan and Feb, it is the wintersweet season. In Feb and Mar, it is the plum blossom season. In Mar and Apr, it is cherry blossom and peach blossom season. In Apr and May, it is azalea season. In May and Jun, it is tulip and sunflower season. In Jun, Jul, and Aug, it is lotus season. In Sept and Oct, it is Osmanthus season. In Oct, Nov, and Dec, it is chrysanthemum season. From Spring to Winter, the four seasons are all colored by beautiful flowers in Wuxi.

Wuxi Plum Garden - Plum Blossom

Time: Feb to Mar
Place: Wuxi Plum Garden
Entrance Ticket: CNY 65 per adult
Visiting Time: 1-2 hours
Open Time: 6 am - 6 pm
Add: No. 13, Bianjiawan, Liangxi West Road, Binhu District, Wuxi(无锡市滨湖区梁溪西路卞家湾13号)
The Spring in Eastern China begins from the plum blossom season. Plum blossom season falls in the early March. And a visit to the Plum Garden will bring you a fantastic trip in Wuxi in this period. The different colors plums are all blossoming.
Best Places for Wuxi Spring Trip


Li Lake Scenic Area - Plum, Mangnolia, Cherry Blossom

Time: Mar to May
Place: Along Li Lake, Bogong Island, Yufu Island
Entrance Ticket: Free
Visiting Time: 2-3 hours
Add: No. 1881, Huanhu Road, Binhu District, Wuxi (无锡市滨湖区环湖路1881号)
Li Lake is a lake located inside Taihu Lake Area, near the Tortoise Head Garden (Yuantouzhu Area). The most beautiful season in Li Lake is the Spring season. And because it is a free park, during the weekend, there are so many visitors here in Spring days. Around the Li Lake, visitors can choose walk or drive . We recommend walking along it because it is more leisure to appreciate flowers here. Besides, people can fly a kit or boat on the lake to spend a joyful weekend here.
Best Places for Wuxi Spring Trip


Tortoise Head Garden (Yuantouzhu Area) - Cherry Blossom

Time: Mar to Apr
Place: Cherry Blossom Valley, Changchun Bridge
Entrance Ticket: daytime - CNY 90-105 per adult, nighttime - CNY 80 per adult
Visiting Time: 3-4 hours
Open Time: 8 am - 5:30 pm, Winter time 8:30am - 5 pm
Add: No. 118, Dafu Yushan Village, Binhu District, Wuxi (无锡市滨湖区大浮充山村118号)
Wuxi Yuantouzhu Area is the No. 1 cherry blossom appreciation land in China. Each year between Mar and Apr, there is a cherry blossom festival which attracts more visitors to come. The best time to see cherry blossom will be from the late Mar to the late Apr. Although it is the best time to see cherry blossom, it is the most crowded period there too. Better to visit the garden in morning before 6:30 am or evening between 16 - 17:30 for avoiding the most crowded period.
Best Places for Wuxi Spring Trip


Xuelang (Snow Wave) Mountain - Rape Flower

Time: Mar to May
Place: Xuelang Mountain
Entrance Ticket: CNY 30 per adult
Add: Taihu Town, Binhu District, Wuxi (无锡市滨湖区太湖镇)
Xuelang Mountain is located on the southern Wuxi. Although it is only above the sea level 100meters, it is called “the First Peak in Taihu Area” . The villages around Xuelang Mountain are famous ancient villages which have a few hundred years history. During the Spring time, rape flowers here are in the season, Between the fields and houses, the yellow flowers make the villages like a Shangri-La in eastern China.
Best Places for Wuxi Spring Trip

Liyuan Garden - Peach Blossom

Time: Mar to May
Place: Liyuan Garden
Entrance Ticket: CNY 45 per adult
Visiting Time: 3 - 4 hours
Open Time: 7 am - 6 pm
Add: No. 70, Qingqi Village, Binhua District, Wuxi (无锡市滨湖区青祁村70号)
Liyuan Garden is located on the bank of Li Lake. It is a beautiful garden area on the south dealt of Yangtze River. The Peach blossoms here in early Spring attract so many visitors. And also, in Summer month Jul, there is lotus festival.
Best Places for Wuxi Spring Trip

Xihui Park - Azalea

Time: Apr to May
Place: Xihui Park
Entrance Ticket: CNY 25 per adult
Visiting Time: 3-4 hours
Add: No. 2, Huishanzhijie, Wuxi (江苏省无锡市惠山直街2号)
Azalea is the municipal flower of Wuxi City. Each April is the Azalea Festival period in Wuxi. In 2007, Wuxi municipal government built a garden inside the Xihui Park called “China Azalea Garden”. Inside, it is a garden to show various kinds of azaleas for visitors to appreciate.
Best Places for Wuxi Spring Trip