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Famous Landmarks in Wuhan

Famous Landmarks in Wuhan are considered the Name Card of Wuhan, like the Yellow Crane Tower, Wudang Mountain, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, etc. ancient and new. They are somehow, represent a certain character or role Wuhan played to the world. Come with Top China Travel, to witness and appreciate those famous Wuhan Landmarks.

Yellow Crane Tower
Yellow Crane Tower is praised as one of the Three Most Notable Towers in the south of the Yangtze River (the other two are Yueyang Pavilion in Hunan Province and Tengwang Pavilion in Jiangxi Province). In China, even a 4-year-ole child may be know this attraction because of the famous poem named "Huang He Lou" which is the Chinese pronunciation of "Yellow Crane Tower".

With its original function of ministry gave place to a scenic spot for junketing and chanting in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Yellow Crane Tower had witnessed the artistic talent of many celebrities including Cui Hao, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Jia Dao etc. Famous lines of some are still widely read nowadays. Now the new tower is a five-story building with a height of 50.4 meters (165.4 ft). Murals, statues of famous poets, poems and paintings are situated inside the tower. Standing on the grand tower, one can overlook the beautiful landscape of Wuhan City as well as the remarkable Yangtze River.

Wudang Mountain
Wudang Mountain may be the most famous Taoist holy site in China as well as in the world. The Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains has been on the World Heritage List since 1994 as a unique land to spread Chinese Taoist culture.

Mount Wudang covers an area of 321 square kilometers wide, with very rich beautiful sceneries and culture relics. The main tourist resorts include: three ponds, nine springs, nine wells, nine platforms, ten pools, ten stones, eleven caves, thirty six cliffs and seventy two peaks, all of them compose incomparable Chinese traditional mount-water drawings. Most of the ancient buildings, devised and planed according to the legend of Zhenwu's self-cultivation, assembled all the traditional building skills, and revealed that emperors' rightful power and great and solemn Heaven. They also have shown that Taoism worships nature, to the extent of contributing great and beautiful royal palaces, mysterious and wonderful Taoism, quiet and classic gardens, and other features.

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge
The splendid Yangtze River is a landmark of Wuhan City. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was the Chinese People's first try to overcome the Yangtze River, thus connecting the south and the north bank. The bridge expresses the intelligence of this ancient nation and greatly improved the transportation of Wuhan city and accelerated the connection of northern and southern China.

The project of building Yangtze River Bridge started on 1st September, 1955. With about two-year work, it was finished on 13th October, 1957. Completed in conjunction with the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge monuments and viewing platforms, they are snuggling with each other with the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Monument 6 meters in height and weighs 20 tons, along the southern Juan had Comrade Mao Zedong, "puts up a bridge north and south of natural moat become thoroughfare "The poem is the viewing platform for visitors to tour the Yangtze River, one of the best position to see the bridge.

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