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Travel Tips about Turpan

Attention to Turpan tourism and what should pay attention to when travel to Turpan and what tourists should respect the local ethnic customs and habits are very important. Turpan summer temperature is higher, you have better to bring some daily drugs such as cold medicines, throat lozenges, relieve inflammation medicines, Antidiarrheal such medicine; and some UV sunscreen, umbrella, sunglasses and other items. To visit Turpan tourists still need to pay attention to the following questions

► 1. Turpan is ethnic minority areas, Islamic nation can’t eat pork, and this is the nation’s largest Islamic taboo, absolutely not to offend. As a result, tourists should be careful not to carry eating food with pork and talk openly about pork in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.

► 2. Turpan, the geographical position in east eight time zones, and Beijing at east six time zones, thus Turpan with most east cities have 2 hour time difference. Therefore the travel arrangements are usually between 9 am to 8 pm.

► 3. The average temperature of Turpan region is low on the mainland, big temperature difference between day and night. Therefore, tourists still need to take the coat or sweater items. Turpan in summer have the highest temperature which can reach more than 40 degrees with strong ultraviolet radiation, so tourists should bring enough effective sunscreen. At the same time, tourists should be equipped with sunstroke prevention drugs or clearing heat medicines of such as rheo-camphoradin.