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How to Get to Dunhuang from Turpan

Travel from Turpan to Dunhuang

Turpan, also known as Turfan or Tulufan, is an oasis county-level city in Xinjiang, China. It is on the Silk Road. It is located about 150 km southeast of Urumqi.

Dunhuang is located in northwestern Gansu province, Western China. It was also a major stop on the ancient Silk Road and is best known for the nearby Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.

Normal, visitors can get to Dunhuang from Turpan by two ways: by train or by bus.

By Train ( Recommended )

Both Turpan and Dunhuang have train stations. There are many trains departing from Turpan Train Station to Dunhuang Liuyuan Train Station. You can choose one according to your schedule. The train will take about 7-8 hours, depending on different trains. It is recommended to take a overnight train, so that you can sleep on the train and leave more time in a day for sightseeing.

But to be noticed that Dunhuang has two train stations. One is called Dunhuang Train Station and the other is called Liuyuan Train Station. All trains from Turpan to Dunhuang will only stop at Liuyuan Train Station.

Liuyuan Train Station is located in the northwest of Dunhuang City. It is about 130 kilometers away from Dunhuang downtown, so it need about 1.5 hours drive to get there from Dunhuang downtown. There are trains from Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Urumqi and other cities passing by this station. And there are buses to transfer passengers between this station and Dunhuang downtown both in the day and at night. Taxi is available too.

Dunhuang Train Station is located 10 kilometers away east of Dunhuang downtown. It can be reached by Bus No.3 from the downtown.

Car Rental

If you do not like Train, you can also rent a vehicle from a travel agency. But the journey on the vehicle would take quite a long time. And the cost is much higher than taking the train.

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