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Best Places to Visit in Taiyuan

Taiyuan was initially established in 497 B.C. as Jinyang city, and in the early Warring States Period was the capital of Zhao State. Though it was later reduced to a municipality under the auspices of the Qin Emperor (Qin Shihuang, the first Emperor of China), it rose again a thousand years later as the capital of the Tang Dynasty, whose ascension marked the beginning of what is known as the zenith of ancient Chinese culture.


Ranking as the top 10 resorts in China, Mount Wutai was listed as a member in the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2009. Mount Wutai is home to some of the oldest existent wooden buildings in China that have survived since the era of the Tang Dynasty (618–907). This includes the main hall of Nanchan Monastery and the East Hall of Fuguang Monastery, built in 782 and 857, respectively. They were discovered in 1937 and 1938 by a team of architectural historians including the prominent early 20th century historian Liang Sicheng.

Attractions in the Mount Wutai include Sea Viewing Peak (Wanghai Peak), Moon Hanging Peak (Guayue Peak), Splendid Peak (Jinxiu Peak), Flourishing Leaves Peak (Yedou Peak), Green Rock Peak (Cuiyan Peak). And the temples here include Xiantong Temple, Tayuan Temple, Manjusri Temple.

Twin Pagoda Temple

Twin Pagoda Temple is originally called Yongzuo Temple; the two great pagodas in this temple were more impressive for people. So people began to call it Shuangta (Twin Pagodas) Temple gradually. With the time past, the Twin Pagodas Temple had replaced the Yongzuo Temple and became famous till now.

The two pagodas of the Twin Pagoda Temple are the symbol of Taiyuan. Each pagoda is an octagon with 13 stories, almost 55 meters high. They are made entirely of bricks and stone. The exterior was sculptured in the shape of an octagon and decorated with the exquisite flying eaves.

Jinci Temple

Jinci Temple is situated in the southwestern Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. There are more than 10 ancient architectures in this temple. And the quiet environment, charming scenery, marvelous buildings, and the lively article statures make Jinci Temple become famous in the world for decades of years.

The main buildings are distributed along the central axis from east to west. They are the Shuijing Platform, the Huixian Bridge, the Jinren Platform, the Duiyue Hall, the Bell and Drum Towers, the Xian Hall, the Yuzhao Feiliang and other buildings. This temple is very famouns to Chinese people. It is a small architacture. But it contains a lot of Chinese culture itself. So it is a good place to get knoledge of the Chinese religional culture.

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