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Suzhou Railway Station

Suzhou Railway Station is located in Pingjiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, north bank of most. It is a modern railway station with one hundred years'  history. Most of the visitors take train from this station to travel to other cities.

Basic Information of Suzhou Railway Station

English Name
Suzhou Railway Station
English Name:
No. 27 Pingjiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu province
7 Platforms, 16 Lines
No.2, No.4 Metro Line; Bus 1,26, 38, 119, 178, 518, 6, 7, 40, 44, 81, 82, 91


Structure of Suzhou Railway Station

  Suzhou Railway Station has 7 platforms and 16 lines, of which 4 are main tracks and 12 arrival-departure tracks. And the platforms include 5 island platforms and 2 side platform. The construction area of station house is 54,000 square meters. Station house utilizes elevated waiting rooms structure, including northern and southern rooms and elevated station house.

The main station house has five layers, two floors on the ground and three floors underground. The second floor underground is used for Suzhou Rail Transit Line 2 and The second floor underground for Line 4
The Station owns two squares, the South Square and the North Square. On February 5, 2013 the South Square officially opened. There is a large stone relieve map of Pingjiang and stands sculptures of Fan Zhongyan, Yan Yan, Tai Bo, Sun Wu, Bai Juyi and otehr celebrities.

History of Suzhou Railway Station

Suzhou Railway Station was built in 1906 during the early Qing Dynasty, funded by the local government of Suzhou. It was formally put into use in 1908. Station house covered an area of only 205 square meters at that time, the site two. During the Sino-Japanese War, the station had been seriously damaged and was repaired until 1941. After the liberation, the main area of Suzhou Station expanded to 1,400 square meters. Suzhou Railway Station used today was built from April 1979. On June 1, 1982, it was put into use. The new station house has a capacity of maximum 5,000 people. It was promoted to first-class station after the new station was used. It was extended to 7 platforms and 16 rail lines, which made it the largest train station in Jiangsu.

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