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Shigatse Travel Tips


Best Time to Shigatse

Shigatse area is full with sufficient sunshine, mild climate, the weather here and tourism facilities are good, so tourists can see the beautiful scenery here at any time.

But if you want to go to Mount Everest for expedition, from October to next year April is not suitable for travel because of the cold weather; and in July and August is the rainy season, in the misty rainy day you also can’t see Mount Everest.

Climbing Mount Everest Lotse, Changtse and other snow peak, the best time is April to June in a year, a lot of snow mountain climbing enthusiasts will choose this time to go to Shigatse.


1. Tingri County has signal, and there can be assured that whether other places have signal. In addition, Rongbuk Monastery and Mount Everest base camp do not have electricity, before you go there, you have better bring pare battery for your phones and digital equipment.

2. Most of the hotel of hot water supply has a time limit, and for various reasons are often delayed, visitors must hurry up to take a bath.

3. In Shigatse city, everywhere can see Sichuan restaurant, not expensive, ten yuan or twenty yuan is enough. People don’t eat Tibetan flavor dish there, and if you really want to eat, the Tibetan restaurant mostly hidden in a remote Tibetan settlements.


1. Front Pass: Tibet is in a special location, going to a lot of places in Tibet must hold “Front Pass” to enter. Travel in Lhasa various counties, bringing your ID card is enough, but if you want to go to Mount Everest base camp, or Ali, you must have front pass. Suggest managing the pass in advance before going to Tibet. Also can manage in Lhasa and Shigatse, but need to hand in the deposit (100 yuan in Shigatse, 10 yuan in Lhasa), and return department within the prescribed time to deal with it, you can get the deposit.

2. Travel in Shigatse are, if you plan to go to Motuo, Zhangmu, Yatung, Dingri (Everest), Zhangmu and Mount Everest is in a line, therefore when you manage your front pass you can just write “Nyalam county”; if you want to go to Yatung you need to add Yatung. Before you departure you have better done with front pass, try to avoid managing in Lhasa and Shigatse, because there will be more troublesome, and the price will be much expensive.