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How to Get to Meili Snow Mountain from Shangri-la

A is for Shangri-la County and B for Meili Snow Mountain

Where is Meili Snow Mountain?

Meili Snow Mountain (梅里雪山) is located about 10 kilometers north-east of Deqin County (德钦县), Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It is mostly accessible from Shangri-la County by road. You can either rent a car or take long-distance bus to Meili Snow Mountain. But the condition of the road between Meili Snow Mountain and Shangri-la is quite steep and dangerous. One should make preparation for the jolt and bump.


How to Get to Meili Snow Mountain from Shangri-la?

►By Renting a Car (Recommemded)
How to Get to Meili Snow Mountain from Shangri-la by car? Renting a car is suitable for a flexible and comfortable way. If there are enough people in your group to share the expense, it is better for you to rent a car with an experience drive and a tour guide if you are foreign travelers. If you want to have more fun on the way, renting a car is highly recommended way.

On the way, there are famous attractions like Nixi Village, Benzilan, Great Bend of Jinsha River, Baima Snow Mountain, Dongzhulai Monastery, Feilai Temple, etc. the driver of chartering car can stop for you to enjoy the scenery and take photos. But a tourist bus will not stop on the way. By the way, TopChinaTravel can offer this kind of tour service for our clients. If one needs to rent a car and a local tour guide, you can contact us for the service.


►By Bus

How to Get to Meili Snow Mountain from Shangri-la by car? There is only one road from Shangri-la to Meili Snow Mountain and there is no direct bus heading to Meili Snow Mountain. Visitors should get to Deqin County by bus from Shangrila County first. One can catch a bus from Shangri-la Long-distance Bus Station (香格里拉客运站). There are many buses every day and they depart when it full packed. It takes about 7 to 9 hours to arrive at bus station at Deqin County (德钦县). The ticket fare for this trip will be around 40 yuan per seat.

Then you can change to a taxi or minibus to reach Feilai Temple (飞来寺), which is the Viewing Platform of Meili Snow Mountain, which takes 20 minute. The price for this short trip will be around 10 to 20 per person depending on how good you are at bargain and are you sharing the car with some other tourists.

Travel Guide

  • The ideal seasons to visit Meili Snow Mountain are in the winter and spring periods between October and May.
  • The road condition is bad. Uncomfortable trip and time-consuming are two characteristics in the way, so you should make preparation for these.
  • Although a lot of places can open to traffic, but many are the stone roads, dirt or gravel roads. Turbulence and ash is the must on the way you will be met.
  • The Meili Snow Mountain area believes in Tibetan Buddhism. To enter the Tibetan area, we must respect the culture and belief of the Tibetan people.
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