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Things to Do at Night in Shanghai

When people travel to Shanghai, they usually pay more concern in the sightseeing activities in the day. But to maximize your time in Shanghai and explore more about Shanghai, you can make good use of your night time in Shanghai to visit some places that you miss during the day, see the views that is not available to see in the day, or join in activities or shows that are only available at night in Shanghai. There are many interesting things for travelers to do at night in Shanghai. Here TCT offers some info about what to do in Shanghai at night, including night shows to watch, shopping, where to have fun at bar street, where to watch beautiful night view, etc.

Activities at Night in Shanghai

After the tour in the day, you may want to watch a show to get to know fantastic art, or take a cruise to admire wonderful night view at the bund of Huangpu River, or take a Leisure walk in Xintiandi and have a cup of café. 

• Appreciate the Breathtaking Acrobatic Show

Recommended Theatre: Shanghai Center Theatre or Shanghai Circus World
Duration: about 2 hours (daily 19:30)

Acrobatic is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility and motor coordination. It can be found in many of the performing arts, and in many sports. In China, acrobatics have been a part of the culture since the Western Han Dynasty, over 2,500 years ago.

The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, established in 1951, is one of the best in China. No wonder near capacity crowds are drawn nightly to see the Shanghai Acrobatics Troupe. Circus acrobatics has been around in China for 2000 years and today troupes are reputed to be the best in the world.
 Acrobatic Show in Shanghai
Acrobatic Show

• Experience the Huangpu River Cruise

Venue: Huangpu River
Duration: about 3.5 hours (daily 18:30)
Summary: The tour starts with an evening cruise on the Huangpu River, which divides the Bund into two sections, Pu Dong and Pu Xi, which mean "east of river" and "west of river."

The Bund is the cultural section of Shanghai that best represents the blending of ancient and modern influences. This renowned waterfront district is the city's most famous landmark. The word Bund is of Anglo-Indian origin meaning "embankment on the waterfront," and you will experience the definition literally with a feeling of space and openness that you will not find anywhere else in Shanghai. Taking a Huangpu River cruise to enjoy the night view on the both bunds of Shanghai is a popular things for tourists to admire the charm of Shanghai.
Things to Do at Night in Shanghai - Huangpu River Cruise
Taking Huangpu River Cruise to see the night view of the Bund

• Take a Leisure Walk in Xintiandi

Venue: Pudong area, near Huangpo South Road and Taichuan Road

In Xitiandi you will find it is a commercial center as well as an attractive spot. When you walk into Xintiandi, you will get the taste both of Shanghai in the 1920 and the sonic modern lifestyle of urbanites of the 21st century. People who have been to there always praise it highly. One of them said that it is a very creative development and there are plenty of bars within the two blocks area. It was interesting to see how this area being turned into an upscale westernized commercial blocks but yet retaining the facade of the old Shanghai.

Shopping At Night in Shanghai

Shanghai is an international metropolis, so you can buy any things here. There are many shopping streets and malls in the city. Here I would like to introduce some most popular one for you to explore. You can choose to go to one of them to enjoy your shopping time.

• Nanjing Road

Address: East from the Bund, west to People Square
What to buy: Shanghai local handicrafts, snacks, fashion clothing and jewelry

People would like to call the Nanjing Road "The first commercial street of China", which is the good shopping heaven for your trip as the same as the Fifth Avenue in New York and Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Shopping in this road, you can not only purchase all kinds of Shanghai product, but also the Guangdong fashionable clothing, the Sichuan wine, the Zhejiang silk and so on. Nanjing Road has a total length of about 5.5 kilometers, and is divided into Nanjing West Road and Nanjing East Road. Nanjing East Road is mainly for cheap commodities and tourist products; while Nanjing West Road is set as Shanghai's most luxurious fashion commercial block and is suitable for luxury and high-end consumers.
Things to Do at Night in Shanghai
Nanjing Road at night

• Xujiahui Shopping District

Address: In the southwest part of Shanghai
What to buy: electronic items, clothes and accessories

Xujiahui has become one of the four biggest shopping destinations in the city of Shanghai. Easily accessible by Metro Line 1 (Xujiahui Station), Xujiahui is famous for electronic items, with two large electronic malls - Metro City and TaipingYang Suma Plaza. It is one of the biggest places for people to get electronic equipment, from cameras to PSPs to XBoxes and modchips for those XBoxes and other game consoles as well.

• Yuyuan Market

Location: Next to Yuyuan Garden
What to buy: arts and crafts, souvenirs

The stores in Yuyuan Garden sell a mish-mash of items including chopsticks, Chinese medicine, walking sticks, fans, silk umbrellas, bamboo and rattan furniture, goldfish, pottery, plus much more. Part of the market has also been transformed into an indoor mall. Do not forget to bargain for a good price!

• The New Shanghai Commercial Center 

Address: Pudong district, Lujiazui financial and trade zone
What to buy: international brands goods

New Shanghai has a huge number of retail outlets offering everything from Chinese-made goods to international brands. Boasting the best in amenities, the district offers an unmatched shopping experience, with some of the best brand names setting up shop within this area. From household items to electronic gadgets, you can be sure that New Shanghai has everything covered.

Famous Bars and Clubs in Shanghai

Bars and Clubs are the most representative night activities in Shanghai. After the tired tour activities in the day, you may want to relax yourself with comfortable music and find drinks. Here are some popular bars and clubs in Shanghai for you to explore.

• JiuZhongTian JiuLang - Highest Bar in the world

Address: Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Boulevard, Shanghai, China

Located on the 87th floor of the Jin Mao Tower, this bar\lounge is one of the best places in town. With more than 330 meters off the ground, it is regarded as the highest bar in the world. It is a circular bar with floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the fantastic night view of the city. Sitting by the glass window as the lights turns on, you can keep the wonderful view of the Bund. Unlike other noisy bars, here usually plays some light music, so it is good place for chatting and dating. The service is perfect, as usual for Hyatt.
X-CLUB in Shanghai
X-CLUB in Shanghai

• X-CLUB - China’s first laser tag theme bar

Address: 366 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu in Shanghai

X-CLUB is the best themed bar in Shanghai. It is the first LaserStrike-themed bar in Shanghai, even in China. It creatively combines Live CS game with bar and attracts much attention of the young people. It has the largest indoor CS battlefield in Shanghai, and all the equipments and weapons for CS are imported from Australia. X-Club’s decor is by and for fanboys. A large statue of a transformer dominates the lobby. A silhouette of a sniper identifies the boys’ bathroom. It also offers billiards, table football and other board games for you to enjoy your time here. Except for wines, snacks and desserts are also delicious and worth trying.

• MUSE 2 (M2 Club)

Address: Hang Lung Plaza, 1266 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shangai

• California Club

Address: Inside Fuxing Park, #2 Gao Lan Road, Shanghai

Red is the most striking feature of California Club. It is decorated with red high chairs, red sofa, red cushion for leaning on and red lights. Most of the clients here are foreigners. California Club is part of the Park 97, with two different styles of restaurants outside. If you come early, you may sit in a sofa cozily, drinking and chatting with your friends. The club is getting busy at around 11 O’clock. The comfortable environment and wonderful music are the reason that people come here. The music here is usually Hip-hop.

• Baby Face

Address: Unit 101, Shanghai Square, #138, Huaihai Zhong Road, close to People's Square or Huangpi Nanlu Metro, China, Shanghai

The decoration of Baby Face is quite unique and special. The club has courtyards, open bar and fountain. Flashing lights, blaring techno, glasses of green tea and whisky and throngs of locals make Baby Face a classically intense clubbing experience. Baby Face is the one club that every young Chinese knows and at times it feels like every young Chinese goes there. It is the best place to see how the Chinese do a big night out.

• Cotton Club - Best Jazz Club in Shanghai

Address: 1428 Huaihai Zhong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Cotton Club is said to be the oldest and most famous Jazz Bar in Shanghai. You can find many Jazz masters’ posters, such as Billy Holiday, John Coltrane jazz, etc. The live Jazz performance in Cotton Club is highly praised by guests. Most of members of the band come from America and their training and rehearsal before the performance is very strict. Here you can relax yourself with auditory feast of Jazz and drinks.

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