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Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Old Street Travel Tips

Shanghai Chenghuangmiao tourist area is located in the old city of East part of Huangpu District in the city center of Shanghai, including sightseeing, shopping and catering. There are two main scenic spots in Chenghuangmiao tourist area. They are Yuyuan Garden and Chenghuangmiao Temple. Besides, there are also some free spots, such as Zigzag Bridge outside Yuyuan Garden, Mid-lake Pavilion Teahouse, ect.

Shanghai Chenghuangmiao tourist area is the must-visit spot for the 1st timer to Shanghai, where tourists could taste Shanghai’s folk customs, authentic Shanghai snacks and local cuisine. The colorful lamps on the antique buildings also make it a beautiful landscape.

Shanghai Chenghuangmiao tourist area is a bustling place all the year round, because it is a well-known business district. There are several small commodity wholesale malls and complex shopping malls, as well as many gold shops and jewelry stores. Tourists also can find numerous time-honored catering brands. You can also purchase a variety of Shanghai native products.
Chenghuangmiao Old Street

What Attraction to Visit in this Area?

Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Garden was a private garden built in Ming Dynasty with a history of more than 400 years. It is just adjacent to Chenghuangmiao(城隍庙). It is a traditional Chinese style garden. If you travel to China, but not travel Suzhou, Yuyuan is choice for visit. The Chinese garden in South China is different from the royal garden in Beijing.

Chenghuangmiao (City God Temple of Shanghai, 城隍庙)

It is a Taoism temple, located in Fang Bang Zhong Road in Huangpu District. Chenghuang means City God. It also started in Ming Dynasty and developed to tourism area nowadays.

Shanghai Old Street
Shanghai Old Street is also called Xiao Dong Men (Small East Gate 小东门), located in Shanghai Old Town in Huangpu Area, Shanghai Old Street Area was the important area of Shanghai foreign trade and small commodities trading. It witnesses Shanghai’s economic and social development. Tourists could find many special shops, restaurants, ect in the old street. Chun Feng De Yi Lou (The Perfect Teahouse 春风得意楼) is a famous teahouse in Shanghai. There is Pingtan performance in the teahouse from 14:00-16:00 every Saturday and Sunday. The Old Shanghai Teahouse is worth a visit, where you can see more than 50 pieces of cheongsam of the 1930s. They are the teahouse boss’s collection.  If you are a Muslim, the old street is also a good choice for you, as you could find many Muslim food surrounding Xiaotaoyuan Mosque.
Chenghuangmiao Old Street

How to Get to Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Tourism Area?

There are many means of public transport to get to this area. Tourists could take Bus No 11, 64, 66, 920, 930, 736, 801, 715, 65, 928, 868, 910, 926, 945, 26 or Metro Line 9 to Xiao Nan Men Station or Metro Line 8 to Lao Xi Men Station as well as Metro Line 10 to Yuyuan Garden Station.
Shanghai Old Street Map