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One Day in Shanghai: Yuyuan Garden & the Bund Shanghai

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One Day in Shanghai Itinerary

Shanghai Travel Guide & Shanghai Tour: Jade Buhhda Temple-City God Temple (Chenghuang miao)-Yuyuan Garden- Shanghai Old Street(rest & lunch)- Shanghai Museum-the Bund- Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower.

First, get up and have a morning meal, then go for a day tour in Shanghai. In the morning, get to Jade Buhhda Temple at 8:30, City God Temple at 10:00, Yuyuan Garden at 11:00, then Shanghai Old Street at 12:00. In the after, go to Shanghai Museum at 14:30, the Bund at 17:00, and Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower at 18:30.


Jade Buddha Temple(08:30-9:30)

Jade Buddha Temple Facts

Jade Buddha Temple(玉佛寺) is a Buddhism temple, famous for its housing of a jade Buddha. It is located in No. 170 Anyuan road, Putuo district, first built in end of 19th century, ruined, and then rebuilt.  Jade Buddha Temple is a complex designed in a building style of Song Dynasty, and its buildings are organized in a precise layout, with a building area of 8856 square kilometers. The central axis stands three main buildings, first Heavenly Kings Hall(天王殿), Grand Hall(大雄宝殿) and last Hall of Jade Buddha(玉佛楼), and in the east and west side of the central axis, there are many other buildings. Hall of Jade Buddha houses the Jade Buddha with a height of 1.95 meters, carved out of a big jade material.

Jade Buddha Temple Map

Jade Buddha Temple Tour & Jade Buddha Temple Hours: 

Jade Buddha Temple opens at 08:00-16:30, with an entrance ticket of 20 yuan, and it has two entrances and one exit. In this popular tourists’ site, you could see those magnificent buildings, special Buddha carvings, you could burn some incense sticks, make a wish, or you could have a taste about Buddhist meals.

How to Get to Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple is located in the Shanghai downtown, which is easily accessible, and transport to Jade Buddha Temple is really convenient. Tourist could take subway, take a public bus or take a taxi.

  • Jade Buddha Temple Metro. Take metro line 13, get off at Jiangning road station, and walk about 400 meters. Or take metro line 7, get off at Changshou road station, and get out from Exit 5, and walk about 600 meters. Generally, Shanghai sMetro works from  05:30 to 22:30.
  • Jade Buddha Temple Bus. Take a public bus like No. 19, No. 23, No. 206, No. 316, No. 738 public bus, and get off at Jiangninglu Anyuanlu(江宁路安远路), which takes only 2 yuan. No. 19 public bus.
  • Shanghai Taxi. Wherever you are, you could take a taxi. Calculation of taxi fare in Shanghai applies a step toll system, listed as follow: in daytime(05:00-23:00), within 3 kilometers, it is 14 yuan, and the part exceeding 3 kilometers is calculated as 2.5 yuan/ km, and the part exceeding 15 kilometers is calculated as 3.6 yuan/km; while in nighttime(23:00-05:00), within 3 kilometers, it is 18 yuan, and the part exceeding 3 kilometers is calculated as 3.1 yuan/ km, and the part exceeding 15 kilometers is calculated as 4.7 yuan/km.


City God Temple (Chenghuang miao) (10:00-11:00)

Shanghai Chenghuang Temple Facts

City God Temple, or Shanghai Chenghuang Temple/ Chenghuang miao(城隍庙), is officially named as the City Temple of Shanghai, and it is a Taoism temple, with a good meaning to protect the city as its name tells. This temple is first built in the early of 15th century, with a history  of almost 600 years. It has many buildings, and each building houses different gods or persons, and some buildings house respectable civil officers and generals who made great contributions to the city and citizens.

City God Temple, together with Shanghai Old Street(上海老街) and Yuyuan Garden(豫园) are close to each other, and they are must-see spots in Shanghai, making this place a famous and popular sites in Shanghai. City God Temple opens from 08:30 to 16:30, and with a ticket of only 10 yuan. In here, tourists have a tour, see its buildings, get known about Taoism and Taoism culture in China, or have a taste about some Shanghai snacks, but please don’t shout, and run.

How to Get to City God Temple

City God Temple is located at No. 249, Fangbang middle road, Huangpu district, and transport to here is pretty convenient, and tourists could make use of subway and public bus and taxi.

  • Subway line 10. Take subway line 10, get off at Yuyuan station, and get out from Exit 1.
  • Public bus. Close to City God Temple, there are several bus stops available. Public buses like No. 267, No. 278, No. 357, No.66, No, 306, No. 929,etc., are available. After getting off from the bus, you may need to walk for about 300 meters.
  • From Jade Buddha Temple to City God Temple, you could walk to Jiangninglu station, take subway Line 13, get off at Xintiandi station, then transfer to Subway Line 10, get off at Yuyuan Station, and walk about 750 meters. This only takes about 20 minutes. Second you could take a public bus, like No. 64 and No. 24 public bus. Walk to Changhualu Aomenlu bus stop, take No. 62 public bus, get off at Xinbeinmen and then walk about 550 meters, which takes about 1 hour.


Yuyuan Garden (11:00-12:00)

Yuyuan Garden, or Yu Garden(豫园) is a classic garden of Jiangnan style, and composed of buildings, ponds, pavilions, bridges rockeries and plants. It is first built in the Ming Dynasty, as a private garden, and opens tourists since 1961, and now it has a history of over 400 years. Yuyuan Garden is charged with a ticket of 40 yuan (1st April-30th June, 1st September-30th November) and a ticket of 30 in other times, and a suggested tour time  is about 1 hour.

How to Get to Yuyuan Garden from Yuyuan Garden: Walk from Shanghai Chenghuang

Yuyuan Garden Address: Yuyuan Garden is located at No. 137,  Anren street Huangpu district, and it is in the north of City God Temple, about 200 meters. walking is the best option to get to Yuyuan Garden from Chenghuang miao.

Yuyuan Garden Shopping & Shanghai Old Street Shopping (12:00-14:00)

After a tour to Yuyuan Garden, you will have a leisure walking along Shanghai Old Street(上海老街): have a shopping or window shopping in some stores, have a taste of Shanghai food and snacks, have a rest in a café store, and enjoy the atmosphere in this old street.

Shanghai Museum(14:30-16:30)

Shanghai Museum Facts

Shanghai Museum(上海博物馆) is an art gallery of Chinese ancient art works, and it is a popular cultural site for tourists to known about Chinese ancient art works. Shanghai Museum has several halls and four floors, the first floor has Exhibition Hall, Ancient Chinese Bronze Gallery, and Ancient Chinese Sculpture Gallery, the second floor has Exhibition Hall, and Gallery of Chinese Ancient Ceramics, the third floor has Gallery of Chinese Paintings, Gallery of Chinese Calligraphy and Gallery of Chinese Seals, and the fourth floor has Chinese Minority Nationalities’ Art Gallery, Gallery of Chinese Coins, Gallery of Chinese Ancient Jade, and Chinese Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery.

Shanghai Museum Hours: 09:00-17:00, last ticket sold at 16:00. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday, and closes on Monday.

Shanghai Museum Tour guide:  an audio guide for foreign languages is charged with a rental fare of 40 yuan and a deposit of 400 yuan.

How to Get to Shanghai Museum

  • Public bus: No. 574, No. 112, No. 123, No. 71. No. 934, No. 145 public bus,etc
  • Subway: take subway Line 1, Line 3, and Line 8, get off at People’s Square station
  • From Yuyuan Garden to Shanghai Museum. After hanging around in Shanghai Old Street, walk to Shanghai Museum. Shanghai Museum is located at No. 201, Renmin Dadao( Renmin Avenue), Huangpu district, about 2 kilometers away from Yuyuan Garden, in its west side. You are suggested to use Google maps or Baidu maps to help you or just ask pedestrian for help.

The Bund Shanghai(17:00-18:00)

The Bund Shanghai(外滩) has a length of 1.5 kilometers, with decades of buildings of different style, known as the international architecture exhibition group. It was occupied by British concession and French Concession for a period of time(1845-1940). The Bund is faces Huangpu River, mother river of Shanghai, and Lujiazui is in its opposite. You could have a walking along the street, have a rest along the river side, and take some photos.

The Bund Time Tunnel crosses Huangpu River and links the Bund and Oriental Pearl TV Tower, with a length of 646.7 meters. It opens from 09:00 to 21:30, with a ticket of 50 yuan.

How to Get to the Bund Shanghai

  • Subway: take subway Line 2 or Line 10, and get off at Nanjing east road station
  • Public bus: No. 20, No. 26, No. 33, No. 37, No. 55 public bus, etc.
  • From Shanghai Museum to the Bund. Walk to People’s Square bus stop, take No. 123 public bus, and get off at Zhongshan Dongyi road Guangdong road.


Oriental Pearl Tower(18:30-21:30)

Oriental Pearl Tower Facts

Oriental Pearl  Tower(东方明珠) is a famous landmark of Shanghai, with a height of  468 meters. As a scenic spot, it has several infrastructures, including the Space Cabin, transparent sightseeing gallery, and Exhibition Hall of Shanghai History. In here tourists could enjoy the panorama of Shanghai, and enjoy meals in the revolving restaurant.

Oriental Pearl Tower Hours: 08:00-21:30

Oriental Pearl Tower Tickets:  a through ticket costs 150 yuan, the revolving restaurant costs 200 yuan for a lunch buffet(11:00-14:00), and 280 yuan for a dinner buffet(17:00-19:30).

How to Get to Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

  • Subway: take subway Line 2 and get off at Lujiazui station
  • Public Bus: No. 81, No. 82, No. 85, No. 774 public bus, etc.
  • From the Bund to Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower. Option 1: through the Bund Time Tunnel. Option 2: take a ferry from the Bund to Dongchang Ferry Port. Option 3: walk to Nanjing east road station and take subway Line 2, then get off at Lujiazui station.

In this day tour, you visit tourists’ spots Shanghai, which are all must-see spots, representing Shanghai from a certain aspect. After a tour in Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, you go back to hotel, have a good rest, and look forward to tomorrow’s day tour.

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