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How to Get to Nanxun Water Town from Shanghai

→  A is for Shanghai and B for Nanxun Water Town.

Where is Nanxun Water Town?

Address: No.38 Shiyuan Road, Nanxun Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou 313009, China

Nanxun Water Town (南浔水乡)happens to be the eastern gate of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, near to Shanghai and Hanzhou . This town is famous for it silk production. The fortune of Nanxun stemmed mostly from its silk. The production of silk in ancient China was generally cottage industry that was run by the females of the village. Every family in the village tended the silkworms and harvested the silk thread from the silkworm cocoons.

How to Get to Nanxun Water Town from Shanghai

► By Bus
The distance between Shanghai and Nancun town is about 123 kilometer. Visitors from Shanghai take A9 and change to Express of Shensuzhewan (Shanghai-Suzhou-Zhejiang-Anhui), it takes about 1 hour.

Also, at Shang Bus Passenger Terminal (near Shanghai Railway Station at 1666 Zhongxing Road), Shanghai South Bus Station and Qiujiang Long-distance bus Station, there are buses leaving for Nanxun Water Town. To be noticed that the buses departing from these stations usually continue to Huzhou City, so make sure your driver knows you want to get off at Nanxun. To get to the old town, cross the bridge directly next to the shabby bus station and turn left immediately at the bridge’s end as you hit the first sign of water. Follow the path into the water town area and you’ll be in the northern section.

  • Buse from Shanghai tourist center(上海游客集散中心, near the Shanghai ten-thousand stadium)  to Nanxun (南浔), depart at 07:50 and 08:45, ticket fare is 65;
  • Buse from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nanxun (南浔), depart at 11:20 ,15:50,20:20, ticket fare is 74;
  • Buse from Shanghai Long-distance Bus Center(上海长途汽车客运总站) to Nanxun Bus Station (南浔汽车站), depart at 06:50,07:20,08:10,09:30,10:20,11:30, 12:20,13:20,14:30, 15:20,16:20,17:20,18:20, ticket fare is 50.

► By Train
Visitor could take High-speed train from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station(上海虹桥火车站) to Huzhou Railway Station(湖州站). There are three high-speed trains reach Huzhou from Shanghai. The earliest one departs at 7:27 a.m. and the last departs at 18:18 in the afternoon. The train journey takes about 2 hours. After get out of the railway station, catch the Public Bus 101 Huzhou-Nanxun B Line to get to the water town in the square of the station. Or you could take a taxi to reach there in the square of the railway station. Public Bus 101 Huzhou-Nanxun B Line departs every 20 minutes.

Time table fo trains between Shanghai and Huzhou:

Train Code Depart Arrive Duration First Class Seat Second Class Seat
G7395 07:27 09:24 1h37m 179 yuan 110 yuan
G7317 11:34 13:36 2h2m 179 yuan 110 yuan
G7391 18:18 20:29 2h 11m 179 yuan 110 yuan

By the way, the four seasons of Nanxun is suitable for traveling, the spring and autumn is the best traveling time. You can appreciate the blooms and attractive green willows in spring.

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