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Shanghai - Guilin Flights

Guilin and Shanghai are both hot destinations for tourists from domestic and abroad. Here, you will find some information about Shanghai - Guilin Flight and also there are tips for travel to the two cities. Hopping these are helpful to you China tour. (Update on November 14, 2014)

About Shanghai: Literally known as the port on the sea, Shanghai also be one of the world largest seaports and China major industrial and commercial center. With the deepening reform, the city, formerly crowned as the financial, economic and trade hub of the Far East, is playing a leading role in boosting economic development of China. Meanwhile, the city has attracted more and more tourists from home and abroad for its unique charm.

The best time to travel in Shanghai is in spring and autumn, The city has a subtropical maritime monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons. Generally, the warm Spring and cool Autumn are the more comfortable seasons. While Summer and Winter are far less pleasant.

About Guilin: One can see the green cassia trees standing at the most roadsides in the town. When the autumn comes, the fragrance of the blossom fills up the air making passengers refreshing and relaxed. In addition, the golden flowers are very pleasing to the eyes. Guilin is a world-famous scenic city, famous for its unrivalled karst landscape, exquisite mountains, limpid rivers, wired caves and beautiful rocks.

Guilin is suitable for travelling all year round, especially from April to October. The most important thing to know about Guilin weather is that it can get very hot, humid, and it rains a lot!

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Shanghai - Guilin Flight

Shanghai - Guilin flights travels between Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. There are many pairs of flights travels between Shanghai to guilin with daily departure. It takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes on the plane. Airlines includes Lucky Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, China Sounthern Airlines, Air China, Eastern Airlines and some other airlines. Flights operate from about 8 o'clock in the morning to 10 o'clock in the late night.

There are more flights in peak tourist season (April to October) than in tourist off-season (November to March in the next year). And the flihgt price after 6:00 pm is cheaper than that during the day. So, if you want to save money, you'd better take night flights.

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Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located in the Liangjiang Town of Guilin City, about 28 kilometers (about 17.4 miles) southwest from the city center. Visit How to Get to City Center from Guilin Liangjiang Airport to look for the transport from the airport to downtown Guilin. 

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (IATA: PVG, ICAO: ZSPD) is the primary international airport serving Shanghai, and a major aviation hub for Asia. It is located about 30 kilometers east of the city centre. Visit How to Get to the City Center from Shanghai Pudong Airport to find more about transport from the airport to downtown Shanghai.

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