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Famous Food in Shanghai

Shanghai not only has all kinds of style of cooking in China, but also has exotic flavors from around the world. The unique local Shanghai food, which mixes the essence of Chinese and Western food, can not be missed while you enjoy your Shanghai Tours. If you are deeply interested in all kinds of delicious food, you can go for a stroll in the food street hidden in every corner of the city. TopChinaTravel has listed some famous restaurant in Shanghai for your reference, hence, you can have a good choice for your meals during your Shanghai Tours.

Shanghai Crawfish

If you would like to eat seafood in Shanghai, the first recommended course will be the Shanghai crawfish. Shanghai citizens does not eat much spicy food, but when they pass a crawfish restaurant, they always try really hard to keep themselves from drooling.

This cuisine gets many different names such as crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, "little dragon shrimp" or "little lobsters". Although they use different words to express their love of this food, everyone knows that the citizens love their Xiao Long Xia. The idea of cracking the crayfish, sucking out the meat and licking the messy goodness off our fingers is way too enchanting.
Famous Food in Shanghai

Xiao Long Bao

Shanghai-style Xiao Long Bao originated in the town of Nanxiang in the suburbs of Shanghai. The buns are traditionally steamed in bamboo baskets. People also give it is an English name – soup dumpling.

The small buns are served hot in the bamboo baskets in which they were steamed, usually on a bed of dried leaves. The buns are usually dipped in Chinkiang vinegar with ginger slivers. Unlike other stuffed buns, or Baozi, found throughout China, the fillings of Xiao Long Bao are traditionally broth and meat, while other fillings are also available. The broth wrapped as the filling is the essence of this food. When you bite a Xiao Long Bao, the broth inside will immediately flows out. The delicious taste will make you become a greediness person who only wants to eat more Xiao Long Bao.


Tangyuan is a Shanghai local food, as a kind of traditional food in China. Tangyuan, sometimes called glutinous rice balls in English, is small balls made from glutinous rice flour. This traditional Chinese dessert is well loved by all generations. Put them into the water and cook them till they float on, then you can eaten this famous Chinese dessert. Tangyuan can either be filled with sweet or savory fillings, or unfilled.
Due to its round shape which is taken as a propitious symbol in Chinese culture, Tangyuan are always eaten to celebrate the reunion and harmony of a family. Besides eating these during the winter solstice, Tangyuan are also made on special celebrations (such as Chinese New Year and Chinese Lantern Festival) and used as an offering to the gods. They are also served during weddings.
Famous Food in Shanghai

Shengjian and Guotie

Shengjian, fried steamed bread and Guotie, fried dumplings (pot stickers) are two of Shanghai most famous exports. These foods can be found throughout China, and across the globe. These two dishes can be found at almost every breakfast table in Shanghai.

Guotie is a kind of fried dumpling contains a juicy pork filling, much like Xiao Long Bao. The various tastes of Guotie, including pumpkins, black, fish, etc., make this food become a necessary food in Shanghaiese breakfast. Shengjian mantou is the complete name of this food. It is a type of small, pan-fried baozi which is a specialty of Shanghai. Stuffed like Xiao Long Bao with lightly spiced pork filling that sweats out a delicious juice during cooking, Shengjian Bao are fried in a large covered shallow pan (often alongside Guotie).
Famous Food in Shanghai