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What to do in Sanya

What to do in Sanya? As a city renowned for its natural and marine resource, Sanya is not only a first ranked tourist destination for beach holiday and water sports. It offers more. Then what else to do and see in Sanya? TopChinaTravel would like to introduce some popular activities and entertainments for you of this city to find you a way to explore more about this city and experience the different beauty in your own way.

Experience the Night Cruise in Sanya Bay

Duration: about tow hours (19:45-21:45)

Take a night cruise in Sanya Bay will be a memorable experience in your China tour.

Sanya Bay is located about 8 km west to the suburbs of Sanya, which nestles along a most beautiful seaside road, immaculately clean and well kept.

Sanya Bay beach last 15 KM from downtown Sanya till Kempinski Resort. But the water and sand quality is not as nice as Dadonghai Beach, not to mention Yalong Bay. Beach is a little bit muddy, local people drive motorcycles and ride bikes on Sanya Bay Beach. Most of time what you do not see much silver sand as on Yalong Bay or Dadonghai Beach.

Go Fishing

Venue: Islets in Sanya

Sanya as the only tropical city in China, it boasts rich marine resources enriched with numerous colorful tropical fish. The blue sky, cerulean seawater, and gentle sea breeze will give you a comfortable and nice deep-sea fishing trip.

Some Places for Fishing in Sanya

East Islet
It is 8 nautical miles from Sanya. It owns two ideal fishing spots; the first one is in the northwest, 800 meters off the islet. The water is 13-16 meters deep. There are plentiful species of coral and various kinds of fish; 1.5 nautical miles off the islet will be the other spot, to the southwest. The depth of seawater here can reach up to 15-30 meters. Beside the beautiful corals, here also a place for big-size fish, the most common fish here includes: rock fish, green wrasse, sea bream, red fish, parrot fish etc.

West Islet 
It is 3 nautical miles, west to the East Islet, also named Daimao Islet. 1 nautical mile to the southwest, there is a huge plot of rock formations underwater, where the various kinds of fish swimming freely in the formations. It is also a good breeding place for rock fish, sea bream, parrot fish, green wrasse, Golden-Thread fish (red coat), elephant fish and many unknown fish.

Dadonghai and Xiaodonghai 
They are coral protection areas at the Hainan state level. The coral reef sets against deer hill therefore it is a good place for night fishing. During the moon-lit night, you can get various kinds of fish, such as golden scale fish and squirrel fish etc.

Liudaowan Bay
It is 20 nautical miles away from Sanya City, a great place for offshore fishing. The seawater is 40-50 meters deep and the seabed is dotted with huge and rugged reefs. The place is seldom reached by fishermen or outsiders, so the fish can be nourished naturally without the affects of human intervention. Due to the disturbance of ocean currents, each month this location only has 8-10 days of good fishing.

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