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Famous Landmarks in Sanya

Famous Landmarks in Sanya are considered the Name Card of Sanya, like The End of the Earth, Luhuitou Park, Nanshan Temple, etc. ancient and new. They are somehow, represent a certain character or role Sanya played to the world. Come with TopChinaTravel, to witness and appreciate those famous Sanya Landmarks.

The End of the Earth
The End of the Earth ('tian ya hai jiao' ) means "the end of the sky and the corner of the sea" in Chinese. The reason this name was given is that this place was the farthest place ancient Chinese people could reach, so it was considered as the end of the sky and the corner of the sea.

It is twenty kilometers from Sanya City, is a somber-looking beach with clear water, coconut palms and grotesque rocks. This spot is hugely popular with Chinese tourists who flock here to be photographed in front of the huge rock marking the special meaning. It is too famous to miss if you come to the Hainan Island.

Luhuitou Park
Luhuitou Park provides you a picturesque view of Sanya. Although it located about 5 kilometers away from the city, the vast sea and the natural scenery makes it as a perfect resort for your holiday.

Some one may feel strange about the name of this park Luhuitou, which means a deer turning its head back, can be traced back to a moving love story.

From the hill, you can see an excellent panoramic view of the vast sea, the rolling mountains and downtown Sanya. Inside the Park, there are winding paths, Halley's Comet observation station, white wave-listening pavilion, red Guanghai kiosk, and the lover's island, Monkey Mountain, Deer House, Hut of Li People, Turtle's Heaven and the Immortal Pond. You can also try the red coconut, a special kind of coconut, which this area is famous for.

Nanshan Temple
The Nanshan Temple is the home of the world tallest "Guanyin", the goddess of infinite compassion and mercy in Buddhism.

The grandiose statue of Buddasava stands tall at a height of 108 meters overlooking the waters of the South China Sea in front of Nanshan Mountain, which took a total of 6 years to construct. The Nanshan Mountain is also believed to be the auspicious mountain of longevity in Chinese mythology. Take this opportunity to visit the tallest 'Guanyin' in the world here at Sanya.

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