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Best Time to Visit Qufu

When is the best time to visit Qufu? What to pack when I travel to Qufu? Here we list some tips on these two questions for travelers who plan to have a Qufu tour.

When is the Best Time to Visit Qufu

The best time to visit Qufu is between Jun and Sept. In these months, Qufu is in its high tourism season.

In Spring Festival period, there are also many tourists to visit Qufu. Visitors can join in activities such as singing and dancing performance, local dishes appreciation competition, etc.

In summer,the trees are green, the flowers are open, and it is a good time to have a graduate journey. Thousands of lotus in the Weishan Lake are in their blooming period. When travel to Qufu in this season, tourists can visit Confucian cultural attractions as well as appreciate the flowers.

In Autumn, the international Confucian cultural festival is held annually. During the festival period, there are so many cultural activities.

Temple of Confucius

Confucian Cultural Festival
Place: Qufu Dacheng Hall
Time: From middle Sept to early Oct
From the ancient time, each year on Aug 17 in Chinese lunar calendar, the birthday of Confucius, there is a ceremony to worship this great person. So till now, every year Sept 28 is the Confucian cultural festival.

Confucian Graduation Tourism Festival
Place: Qufu Dacheng Hall
Time: Between Jul 10 to Aug 20
It is a tourism festival held for spreading the Confucian culture. During the festival period, there are so many cultural activities such as Chinese painting course, Chinese carving course, Chinese Kungfu course, etc.

Lotus Festival
Place: Weishan Lake
Time: Aug
Jining Weishan Lake is the largest freshwater lake in northern China. It is also famous for the 100,000 mu lotus lake. Every year from May to Oct, lotus in this lake is in their season. The green leaves and red/white lotus make visitors feel leisure.

What to Pack When I Travel to Qufu

Qufu is located in inland. So the climate here are the typical inland climate.

In Spring, a pair of sunglasses or a cap can be packed, long-sleeve shirts are necessary.

In Jun to Sept, Qufu is in a comparative high temperature season. When visiting a attraction that needs to walk a long distance, you'd better wear a comfortable sneaker and cover your skin with sun cream. And the autumn in Qufu is very dry, keep drinking enough water. Besides, packing some warming clothes for the low temperature in the night.

In Winter, pay attention to prevent yourself away from the cold, especially in night.

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