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Interesting Things to do in when travel to Qinghuangdao

Qinhuangdao has a lot to offer a variety of entertainment venues with a lot of activities for visitors, such as Nandaihe International Entertainment Center, Nandaihe Water Park, Xinao Underwater World, International Sandboarding Entertainment Center, NandaiHE Sin Lo Island Amusement Center, Shanhaiguan Oceanarium, Wan Teng Water Park, etc. Most of these places are integrated entertainment venues, where you can enjoy speed-sandboarding, Air UFO, diving, sand boarding, grass skiing, alpine rowing, luxury yachts, view of the sea lion, sea bungee jumping, sea parachuting, sea rafting,etc. Qinhuangdao, there are many leisure facilities like bars, cafes, tea show and things like that.

Here listed some interesting things you can do while traveling in Qinhuangdao.

sandboarding in qinhuangdao


Sandboarding is the most attractive sport in the Gold Coast, which is famous attractive beach in Qinhuangdao. ou can first take cable car to the top of the sand dunes. Along the way to the top of the sand dunes, you will be able to enjoy the heart bearing scenery of rows of sand hills which are stretching distantly. After get to the top, you should be seated on a skimboard which is made by wood. Then you should slide down the dozens of meters high sand dunes from the top with faster and faster speed. The experience should be fresh and exciting, safe and reliable.

►Recommended venue: Gold Coast International sandboarding Center

Bird Watching

Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao has very high forest green coverage rate, so it is not only a lot of resident birds in summer, but also a paradise for migratory birds gathering in parks. Numerous migratory birds come through this place summer and stop for a rest. So Beidaihe is extremely rich in bird resources. Some of famous rare bird in the world can be seen here. The birds come here and touch it to a close.

►Recommended destination for Bird Watching: Beidaihe Scenic Area
►Best time for Bird Watching: from the mid-March to the late May or from the early September to mid-November


Watching Sunrise by the Sea

Whether you are in Beidaihe Scenic Area, Nandaihe Scenic Area or the Emerald Isle, you can camp by the sea and wait for the sunrise. If you prefer to stay in a hotel or inn, you can get up a little early get to the beach. The sunrise on the sea is quite beautiful. If you are an enthusiastic, you are gonna love it. The crack of dawn, when the rising quietly waiting red conceived.

►Recommended sites: Emerald Isle