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Where is Mt. Putuoshan and How to Get to Mt. Putuoshan

Where is Mt. Putuoshan?

Putuoshan (Putuo Mountain), the most famous and occult Guanyin Taoist rites, is located on one of the Zhoushan Islands in eastern Zhejiang Province. It is in the middle of the Zhoushan Islands offshore from the city of Ningbo. So it easily reached to the destination from Shanghai, Hangzhou or Ningbo.

Putuoshan is one of the four Buddhist Mountains of China. Others are Wutaishan(五台山), E'meishan(峨眉山) and Jiuhuashan(九华山) (Bodhimandas for Manjusri, Ksitigarbha, and Samantabhadra, respectively). Besides the many temples, the island is also lush in vegetation and a profusion of forests, all flourishing in the warm and humid climate.With its magic, sacredness and mystery, Putuoshan has become a famous tourist destination both at home and abroad.

How to Get to Mt. Putuoshan from Shanghai?

By Bus

Many of the Zhoushan Islands are now linked by bridges. This means that Putuoshan can easily be reached by bus from Shanghai or Ningbo. In Shanghai, the Huangpu Tourist Station, Shanghai Stadium Sightseeing Bus Center and Shanghai South Long Distance Bus Station have several departures daily to Shenjiamen and the bus ride takes about 4-5 hours. The bus terminates at Shenjiamen Bus Station(沈家门普陀汽车站). From the Banshengdong Wharf(半升洞码头) on the Shenjiamen waterfront it is a 15 minute ride by fast ferry to Putuoshan.

From Shanghai Huangpu Tourist Station 上海黄浦旅游集散站

There are many buses departing from the Shanghai Huangpu Tourist Station to Shenjiamen Banshengdong Wharf (沈家门半升洞码头). The departure time is every one hour from 7:20 am to 5:00 pm every day. The journey takes about 4 and half hours. The one way ticket fare is about 138 RMB per person. After arrival, you can take speedboat or ferryboat to get to Putuoshan. The trip takes only 7 to 15 minutes. It is quite convenient.

From Shanghai South Long Distance Bus Station上海长途南站

There are many Tourist Special Line Buses departing from South Long Distance Bus Station. The bus leaves for Shenjiamen Putuo Bus Station from here every 40 minutes from 7:00 am to 7:10 pm every day. The journey takes about 4 and half hours. The ticket fare is about 130 RMB per person for one way. Upon arrival, one can take ferry to Putuoshan.

By Boat (Shanghai Wusong Wharf - Putuoshan Wharf)

There is one boat linking Putuoshan and Shanghai. The boat departs at 8:00 pm in the evening from Wusong wharf(上海吴淞码头) and travels overnight, arriving at 7:30 am in the second morning, which is the cheapest one for it leaves in the evening and takes around 12 hours. The fare is about 139 RMB to 499 RMB per person according to the different seat class.

By Speedboat (Shanghai Luchaogang Wharf – Putuoshan Wharf)

There are three speedboats which travel to and from between Shanghai and Putuo. Visitors can buy the speed boat ticket at Huangpu Tourist Distributing Center under Shanghai Puxi Bridge (1588 Waima Lu). After buying the ticket, you can take the express bus to Wharf, which takes about one hour and a half. After arriving at Shanghai Luchaogang Wharf(上海芦潮港码头), you can get on the speedboat to reach Putuo and it takes about two hours and a half. The fare is about 191 RMB.

By Airplane

You can also take airplane to get to Putuoshan, but it is quite expensive. The flight departs from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Zhoushan Mount Putuo Airport from, which takes about one hour. The putuo airport is located in Zhujiajian island, the adjacent island of Putuo Mountain. After get off the flight, you can take bus to Wugongzhi wharf(蜈蚣峙客运码头) and then take ferry to Putuoshan.

How to Get Mt. Putoushan from Ningbo

The journey from Ningbo to Putuoshan costs ¥70 and consists of an about 1 hour bus ride from the Ningbo Ferry Wharf to the port in Daxie and a 1 hour boat ride from Daxie to Putuoshan. The Ningbo Ferry Wharf is located just north of Lao Wai Tan in 288 Zhongma Road. If you have a hotel booking you may be met at the wharf by a hotel minibus.


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