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Nanning Facts

Nanning Location Map
Nanning, being the permanent host city for China-ASEAN Expo, has another beautiful name called “the Green City”. Situated on the subtropical area, Nanning is a renowned for its natural beauty and scenery with all Chinese folksongs being listened here.
As the capital of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, Nanning enjoys distinction as a cultural, historical and economic hub of southern China.
Nanning boasts unique ethnic cultures of long history and rich tourism resources. It hosts the Nanning International Arts Festival of Folk Songs every year and provides the permanent venue for China-ASEAN Expo.
There are 28 universities and colleges provided for further education of a high academic standard located in Nanning, including Guangxi University, Guangxi Medical University, Guangxi Teachers Education University, Guangxi University for Nationalities, et cetera.
Area Code: 0771
Zip Code: 530000
Area: Nanning has an area of 22,293 square kilometers
Geography:Nanning is located in the southern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 160 km from the border with Vietnam. It has an area of 22,293 square kilometers.
The city is located on the north bank of the Yong River, the chief southern tributary of the Xi River, and lies some 30 km below the confluence of the Yu and the Zuo rivers. The Yong River (which later becomes the Yu River) affords a good route to Guangzhou and is navigable by shallow-draft junks and motor launches, even though it is obstructed by rapids and sandbanks.
Nanning is situated in a hilly basin with elevations between 70 and 500 m above sea-level. Qingxiu Mountain dominates the southern part of town.
Population: As of 2006, the total population of Nanning was 6.48 million. Thirty-five ethnic groups live in compact communities in Nanning, including people of Zhuang, Han, Yao, Hui, Miao, Dong, and Manchu minorities, among these groups the Zhuang people make up 56.3% of the total population.
Administrative Division: Nanning is organized with six urban districts and six counties.

Climate: Nanning has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid with 33 average highs in July and August. Winters are humid and chilly with 10 average lows in January. The annual precipitation averages 1,372mm.

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