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How to Get to Suzhou from Nanjing


Where is Nanjing and Suzhou

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu, located in the southwest of Jiangsu, close to Anhui province. It is renowned as one of the six ancient capital cities in China. Suzhou is a big city in Jiangsu province, located in the southeast of Jiangsu. It is famed for its beautiful gardens and traditional waterside architecture. It is one of the highlight destinations for China tour.


How to Get to Suzhou from Nanjing

Nanjing and Suzhou is two big cities in Jiangsu, and it is approximately 220 km from Nanjing to Suzhou. Though Nanjing and Suzhou are big cities, Suzhou doesn’t have a civil airport, thus there aren’t nonstop flight from Nanjing to Suzhou for passengers. For transporting from Nanjing to Suzhou, there are several options: by train, by bus or renting a car.

Option 1: by Train

Nanjing has several railway stations, and Nanjing Railway Station and  Nanjingnan (Nanjing South) Railway Station are the most used ones. The two main railway stations are Suzhou Railway Station, and Suzhoubei (Suzhou North) Railway Station. Every day, there are over two hundred trains traveling between this two big cities from 00:00 to 24:00. The trains are divided into three types: fast train(K), non-stop fast train(Z), high speed  train(G) and high speed bullet train(D). The first two types of train usually travel from 2 hours to 3.5 hours, and the other types of train travel with 1.5 hours. The ticket fare vary according to train type and seat type. Here is some information about train listed in the table.

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Business seat First seat Second seat Hard seat Hard sleeper Soft sleeper
Z175 Nanjing 00:03 Suzhou 02:31 02:28       32.5 78.5 118.5
D321 Nanjing 06:37 Suzhou 08:01 01:24   84 52      
G7037 Nanjing south 06:40 Suzhou 08:17 01: 37 329.5 164.5 104.5      
K5571 Nanjing 23:08 Suzhou 02:37         32.5 78.5 118.5

How to get to Nanjing Railway Station and  Nanjingnan (Nanjing South) Railway Station

You could go to Nanjing Railway Station and  Nanjingnan (Nanjing South) Railway Station by take metro Line 1 and Line 3. This two metro lines both pass through Nanjing Railway Station and  Nanjingnan (Nanjing South) Railway Station. If you are in Nanjing Lukou International Airport, walk to the airport metro, take metro S1, get off at Nanjingnan (Nanjing South) Railway Station, then you could transfer to metro Line1 or Line 3 and get to Nanjing Railway Station.

Option 2: by Bus or Coach

Nanjing has several bus stations: Nanjing Bus Station(南京汽车客运站), Nanjing South Bus Station(南京客运南站), Nanjing North Bus Station(南京北站), Nanjing East Bus Station(南京东站), Nanjing Getang Bus Station(南京葛塘站), Nanjing Lishui Bus Station(溧水站), Gaocun Bus Station. Suzhou also has several bus stations like Suzhou South Bus Station, and Suzhou Bus Station. There are many long distance buses travelling between this two cities, which take from 2.5 hours to 5.5 hours and cost from 60 yuan to 75 yuan. Here is some information about bus transportation from Nanjing to Suzhou.

Departure Arrival Duration Ticket fare/CNY
Nanjing south 08:40 Suzhou 2.5 hours 60
Nangjing 10:00 Suzhoiu south 2.5 hours 72
Nanjing south 14:50 Suzhou south 2.5 hours 58


Option 3: Car Rental

If you want to have a comfortable and private journey, you could rent a car  from a travel agency to take you from Nanjing to Suzhou. Car rental is much more expensive than bus transportation and train transportation. But if you are in a group 4 or a group of 7, car rental would be a bit more reasonable. In the case that you want an experienced driver, and a tour guide, you could book a transfer service from a local travel agency or from us. Topchinatravel will offer you the transfer service with an experienced driver, and also a tour guide if you prefer.

The modern highway system between Nanjing and Nanjing gives fast transportation from city to city. The most reasonable travelling from Nanjing to Suzhou is by train, especially high speed train and high speed bullet train, which are fast, cheap, and safe. But pay attention to its departure and arrival time, because you may need to transfer to the railway station.  The train option is highly recommended to tourists travelling alone, considering the fare and safety. Option 2 has the lowest price, but it costs much time, and the transfer to bus station is a bit troublesome. Option 3 is suitable for a group of tourists with a big budget.


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