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Macau Transport

Macau External Transport

►Waterway: Inner Harbour dock of Macau Peninsula is used by the Macau coastal land cargo, fishing boats and ferry. As for the outer harbor transport, Macau mainly uses the Macau Ferry Terminal and Nine Bay Port. There is 24-hour opening jet boats via Hong Kong to Macau which spends only 1 hour and costs weekday fare of 150 yuan.

►Aviation: On November 9, 1995, the Macao International Airport was officially opened to traffic. It opened the international routes including mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and other places. Also, there are helicopter shuttle back and forth Hong Kong and Macao; each aircraft has 8 or 12 seats and just spends 20 minutes, but the fare is more expensive.

Macau Local Transport

►Macau Light Rail (Subway): The center sections of the construction of Macau Taipa light rail broke ground on February 26, 2012, marking the light rail construction project in Macau was officially launched. After the completion of the Macau light rail, Macau tourists can spend one hour to reach Guangzhou.

►Bus: The buses between the Macau Peninsula and Taipa Island are 11,22,28 A, 30, 33 and there are a total of six routes to the airport including 34; 26,36, MT1, MT2, N2 and AP1. The buses 21A, 25,26,26 A and 50 come and go Macau, Taipa and Coloane. In addition, there are a lot of buses shuttling in the streets of Macau City.

Tips: The tourist who can avoid commuting during peak hours can more easily take any transportation to visit various tourist attractions. Visitors should also bring a map of Macau to prepare for inspection purposes.

Taxi: Macau's taxi has black body and creamy yellow roof. Depart Price (first 1500 meters) charges MOP 12 yuan, after that MOP 1.5 yuan per 200 meters; stop waiting for customers charges MOP 1.5 yuan per minute; large luggage charges MOP 5 yuan.

Tips: No additional cost between Taipa and Macau Peninsula; however, from Taipa to Coloane, the additional charge is MOP 2 yuan, and from Macao Peninsula to Coloane, the additional charge is MOP 5 yuan.

Car Hire: Macau now has two companies operating mini jeep travel service; each vehicle can carry four people and costs 450 yuan on weekdays and 500 yuan at weekend. Generally the fees are calculated from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..

Manpower Tricycle: Manpower Tricycle is a distinctive vehicle in Macau; also it is a very good tourist transport. You can take one to roam the South Bay and West Bay area to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Usually hour package fare is MOP 150 yuan.

Bike: If you want a relaxed manner to roam Macau, cycling is a good choice. In the urban Taipa Island, you can rent bikes. It needs to be noted that the bridge linked Macau and Taipa is prohibited to ride a bike.

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