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Macau Tourism

Macau doesn't have rich tourist resources; it has no famous rivers and mountains, also has no forest and wilderness. However, Macau has got a successful transformation to service economy with tourism from a manufacturing economy. Tourism industry has become the most important industry in Macau, basically including gambling, food, cultural heritage, etc... Macao is an international city, tourists here come from home and abroad.

Tourism in the urban economic development in the industry, position, and gradually increase the economic role of the tourism industry to boost the urban economy, social employment, driving force, as well as the promotion of the role of culture and the environment becomes increasingly obvious. Tourism is a pillar of China's economic development industries.

There are many famous Macao attractions, such as the rich characteristics of southern Europe architectures; Ruins of St. Paul's - one of the most famous monuments; Farol da Guia - the oldest lighthouse in south coast; Monte Forte - still save nearly a hundred ancient batteries; Three ancient temples- A-Ma Temple, Lianfeng Temple and Kun Iam Tong; characteristic local buildings like Apo Well. Macau is a city with different religions, like Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, etc...

Tourist Information Centers in Macau provide useful information about the city. These centers have a team of friendly and highly trained people. Besides, the staff at the centers is expert in at least two languages, including English. The centers are equipped with Touch Screens providing information on all tourist attractions in Macau. Tourists can get emergency numbers and souvenirs from here. Besides, tourists can also register their complaints at Macau Tourist Information Centers.
Macau Tourist Information Center

Lisi Mansion in Senado Square
853-8397 1120
Macao Heliport
853-2872 6416
Border Gate
853-2843 9310
Matsuyama Lighthouse
853-2856 9808
Macau International Airport
853-2886 1436
The passenger terminal building attic of the Macau International Airport 
853-2886 1418
Macau Fisherman's Wharf
853-2872 8981
Taipa temporary passenger terminal
853-2885 0438

Macau Tourism Administration Information
Address: The 12th floor of the Duoli Mansion, No.335-341, Songyusheng Square, Macau
Zip code:000240
Tel: 853-333000 315566

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