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Macau Must See

To visit Macau, there are numerous places are worth sightseeing, such as Macau Must See Attractions, Macau Must See Shopping Street, Macau Must See Buildings, etc. Top China Travel has picked out some must see in Macau that are worthwhile for tourists.

Macau Must See Attractions

Ruins of St. Paul's, one of the most classic tourism sites in Macau, can be considered the landmark of Macau. Firstly completed at the year 1580, the church of St. Paul its architecture combined Renaissance-style and oriental-style in harmonious way.

Golden Lotus Square, where there is a 6-meter tall large sculpture of "Lotus Flower in Full Bloom" unveils its beauty on the joint area of 3 main streets, which aimed to celebrate the return of sovereignty of Macau in 1999.

A-Ma Temple, or Mazu Temple, as the oldest religious temples in Macau, has a history of over 500-year, which can be dated back to 1488, even before the city of Macau came into being.

Maritime Museum, is believed to be the very place where the Portuguese first landed. The shape of this museum is just like a sailing ship.

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Macau Must See Shopping Street

Qingping Straight Street Shopping Center is filled with all kinds of noodle shops, restaurants, snack bars, traditional bakeries and souvenirs shops. Macau's pastry and desserts are quite famous. If you want to buy well-known Macau souvenirs, this shopping center may be the best place to choose.

The Macau Baililai Supermarket is opened up in a large underground wine cellar. In this supermarket, customers can comfortably choose wine according to your own favor. The store also offers wine consulting services, and if you do not know how to choose wine can tell your personnel budget, style of your favourite liquor and other details of your drinking wine to the service staff, hence, the service staff can recommend you suitable wines based on your own needs.

Macau Must See

Macau Tower, has a total height of 338 meters (56 floors) from the ground to its highest point. It is the global tenth independent sightseeing tower, and it is one of the members of the World Federation of Great Towers. It is higher than the famous Sky Tower in Auckland, Eiffel Tower in Paris and AMP Tower in Sydney; and it is the highest sightseeing steel tower in Southeast Asia.

The 60th floor has a large revolving restaurant which can help you overlook the scenery around the whole Macau. Standing on the sightseeing gallery on 61th floor, you can enjoy Macau and Zhuhai's panoramic view; in sunny days, you can also see Lantau Island in Hong Kong. The 59th floor is a 180°air bar. Also, the tower has exhibition and conference facilities, theme restaurants, upscale shopping center and theater, open-air plaza and waterfront promenade. The 57th Floor is the famous "Sky Walk".

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(Attractions: St. Paul's, A-Ma Temple, Maritime Museum, Golden Lotus Square)
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