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Macau History

The recorded history of Macau can be dated back to Neolithic. About 5000 years ago, Chinese mainland ancestors have already set their footprints in this area. The relics they left, like potteries, jades and stone objects are similar with the ones discovered in present Zhuhai area, which indicated that, they belong to the same cultural system. It is believed that, fishermen from Fujian and farmers from Guangdong were the first known settlers in Macau.

However, Macau still be a remote place to mainland people that time, it just become a temporary boarding place. It welcomed its first group of guests till the 12th century. Because of the decade of South Song Dynasty, Hundreds of thousands of the troops turned to Macau and settled down there. Gradually, Macau developed to a fisher town. Then in 1557, the Portuguese reached Macau and settled, they obtained privileges and made Macau their concession. In 1887, corrupted Qing Dynasty signed the unequal treaty and let Macau become one of the colonies of Portugal till 1999, the P. R. China withdraws the sovereignty. During the hundreds of years, oriental and western cultures and customs combined together and gave birth to a international tourism and economical metropolitan.