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Liuzhou Tourism

Liuzhou is rich in tourism resources and is famous for its unique ethnic culture, prehistoric culture, Liu Zongyuan culture, folk song culture, rare stone culture and urban landscape. Liuzhou is the second-largest city in Guangxi with a national-level A-level scenic spot. Its tourism population and income ranks third in Guangxi. It is an important tourist destination in the Guangxi region. There are many high-quality tourism resources in the city, and there are two national key park scenic spots - Liuhou Park and Dalongtan Scenic Area.


4A Scenic Spots

Liuzhou's 4A scenic spot includes Liuzhou Longtan Scenic Area, Liuhou Park, Baili Liujiang Tourist Scenic Area, Liyufeng Scenic Area, Liuzhou Museum, Liuzhou Confucian Temple, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Industrial Museum, Garden Expo Park, Malu Mountain Stone Expo Park, Dule Rock Scenic Area, Xiangqiao Rock Scenic Area of Luzhai County, Beijiang Scenic Area of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Longnv Valley Scenic Area of Yuanbao Mountain, Chengyang Dong People Bazhai Scenic Area of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Danzhou Scenic Area, Dadongzhai Village Scenic Area, Shimenxian Lake of Rong'an County, and Zhiqing City of Liucheng County.


3A Scenic Spots

3A scenic spot includes Liuzhou Huaguoshan Ecological Scenic Area, Wanju Leisure Farm, Object Garden, Yuedao Lake Scenic Area of Luzhai County, Yubu Miaozhai Scenic Area of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Laozi Mountain Scenic Area, Tiantou Miaozhai sce, Hongma Mountain Scenic Area of Liucheng County, Folk Customs Tourist Area of Guzhai Mulao Nationality Town, Shimenchong Scenic Area, Guandong Scenic Area, and Sweet Water Village Tourist Resort in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County.

Liuzhou eight sights

Liyufeng scenic area, Maan Mountain Park, Wenbi Mountain, Eshan Mountain Park, Liuhou Park, Longxu cliff, Driving crane small Taoyuan, Longbi Mountain


Liuzhou Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau

In February 2019, according to the "Notice of the Liuzhou Municipal People's Government on the Establishment of the Liuzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and the People's Government of Liuzhou City" (Liu Committee[2019] No. 24) and the Liuzhou Municipal People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing Liuzhou Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, the working department of the Municipal People's Government.

►Internal Departments

There are 18 internal departments, namely, Office, Policy and Regulation, Personnel, Finance, Art, Public Service, Information Education, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Museum and Cultural Relics, Industry Development, Market Management, Publicity, Media Organization and Network Audiovisual Program Management, Security Transmission Support, Resource Development, Exchange Cooperation and Promotion, and Global Tourism Promotion.

►Main Responsibilities

To guide the construction of key cultural and tourism facilities and major projects throughout the city, as well as guides and promotes global tourism, special tourism, rural tourism, leisure and holiday tourism, red tourism, industrial tourism.

To guide and manage the city's culture and tourism, as well as exchanges, cooperation, publicity and promotion work with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Organize the overall image promotion of the city's tourism, promote the foreign cooperation of the cultural industry and the tourism industry, and promote it to the domestic, international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan markets, formulate the tourism market development strategy and organize implementation. Coordinate and promote the exchange and cooperation between radio and television.

►Contact information

Contact number: 0772-2812452

Fax: 0772-2810674

Email address: lzswgl@126.com

Address: Zhongfang Cultural Industry Mansion, Xiyi Lane, No. 1 Guizhong Avenue, Liuzhou City