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Liuzhou History

Liuzhou has a history of more than 2,100 years of construction and is a national historical and cultural city.


Early History

Liuzhou is the birthplace of the ancient Chinese "Liujiang people". Ancient human cultural sites include Bailiandong ruins, Dalongtan carp mouth ruins, Manwangcheng ruins, and the terraces on the banks of the Liujiang River, the platform of the Lanjia Village, the Jiutou Mountain and the Ganqianyan.


Qin dynasty

In the pre-Qin dynasty period, Liuzhou belonged to the Baiyue Land, and there were Baiyue branches such as Xiou and Luoyue.

In 214 BC, Emperor Qin Shihuang finally unified Lingnan, set Guilin County, Nanhai County, Xiangjun County, and Liuzhou Prefecture belonged to Guilin County.

After the demise of the Qin Dynasty, in 204 BC, Qin general Zhaotuo of Nanhai County merged with Guilin County and Xiangjun County and established the Nanhai State. The Liuzhou area belongs to the Nanhai State.


Han dynasty

Han Yuan Ding sixth year (111 BC) winter, Liuzhou area set Tanzhong County, belonging to Yulin County. It is the beginning of the city of Liuzhou.


Tang dynasty

Tang Zhenguan 8th year (634), Liujiang was renamed Liuzhou. Tang Tianbao first year (742), it was changed Longcheng County. In Qianyuan first year (758), Longcheng County was renamed Liuzhou and it is still in use today. Liuzhou City Site is located in the southeastern Binjiang area of Chengzhong District, Liuzhou City.


Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Song Dynasty and Yuan Dyansty

During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, it first subordinated to Chu and than to South Han.

During Song Dynasty, it firstly belonged to Guangnan West Road Guizhou.

In Yuan Dynasty, Liuzhou belonged to Guangxi Province.


Ming and Qing Dynasty

During Ming Dynasty, Liuzhou changed its name to Liuzhou prefecture in 1368.

During the Qing Dynasty, Liuzhou Prefecture was under the jurisdiction of Guangxi Province, and led 10 counties including Maping, Luorong, Liucheng, Luocheng, Huaiyuan, Rong, Laibin, Wuxuan, Shanglin and Qianjiang, as well as two states including Bin and Xiang.


People’s Republic of China

On December 19, 1949, the People's Government of Liuzhou City was established, which is the city under the jurisdiction of Liuzhou Prefecture. Liuzhou City, Liujiang County, Liucheng County, Rongrong County, Dujiang County, Zhongdu County, Rong County and Sanjiang County belong to Liuzhou Prefecture.

On July 1958, Liujiang County, Liucheng County, Rong'an County, Luzhai County, Damiaoshan Miao Autonomous County and Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County were subordinated to Liuzhou Prefecture.

In 1969, Liuzhou City established Yufeng District and Chengzhong District.

On March 5, 1979, five districts including Liubei, Yufeng, Chengzhong, Liunan and Geshan were established.

In March 2016, Liujiang County was abolished and Liujiang District of Liuzhou City was established.


Until Now

From the administrative perspective, Liuzhou can be divided into five city districts, three counties, two autonomous counties and three economic management zone.

  • Districts: Chengzhong District, Yufeng District, Liunan District, Liubei District, Liujiang District
  • Counties: Liucheng County, Luzhai County, Rong'an County
  • Autonomous counties: Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County
  • Economic management zones: Liuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone (national level), Liudong New Area (Liuzhou Automobile City) and Yanghe New Area (Yanghe Industrial Park).