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Liuzhou Climate & Weather

Liuzhou City is located in the north-central part of Guangxi and belongs to the mid-subtropical monsoon climate. The average annual temperature in Liuzhou is 19 ~26°C. Liuzhou’s annual rainfall is about 1940 mm.




The atmospheric circulation affecting Liuzhou City is mainly monsoon circulation. In the summer half year, the southerly wind is prevailing. It is characterized by high temperature, high humidity and heavy rain. In the winter half year, the northerly wind is prevailing, cold, dry and less rainy, characterized by cold, dry and less rain. 


Wet and dry season

Liuzhou has a clear annual distinction between the wet and dry seasons. The wet season spans April to September, with plenty of rainfall. Precipitation during this period accounted for more than 70% of the annual precipitation. From November to April belongs to the dry season. The annual total rainfall is 1345 to 1940 mm, but the regional distribution and seasonal changes are very large.



The temperature increases from north to south. The annual average temperature is 18.1~19.4°C in the north and the remaining 20.1~20.7°C. The interannual variation is less than the middle and south in the north. The difference between the highest and the lowest year is 1.3~2.0°C. The coldest month is January and the average temperature is 7.2 ℃.  The hottest is July where average temperature is 28.9 ℃. The total annual accumulated temperature is 5700 ~ 6800℃, and the difference between north and south is 1100℃.


Weather disaster

The meteorological disasters in Liuzhou include: low temperature, rain and drought in spring, heavy rains and thunderstorms in summer, hail in the spring and summer seasons, cold dew wind and autumn droughts in autumn, as well as cold wave and frostbite in winter.


Climate Data Table for Liuzhou

Month Items Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
14 16 19 25 29 32 33 33 32 28 23 18
8 9 13 18 22 24 26 25 23 19 14 9
Rainfall (mm) 46 55 92 150 245 265 196 186 69 72 58 40