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How to Get to Sanjiang from Liuzhou


Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County is under the administration of Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. It is located in the northern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and 203 kilometers away from Liuzhou City and 167 kilometers away from Guilin City. Sanjiang is becoming a popular tourist destination with backpackers. This place is famous for Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge and Danzhou Ancient Town. Here, we introduce how to get to Sanjiang from Liuzhou?


By Train

How to get to Sanjiang from Liuzhou by train? Taking a train from Liuzhou to Sanjiang is the most convenient and efficient way. There are 10 trains leaving for Sanjiang South railway station(三江南站) from Liuzhou railway station(柳州站) every day. It departs from 9:19 to 21:03 every day and takes 2-3 hours to arrive at Sanjiang South railway station, which lies in Silian Village, Guyi Town, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, less than 7 kilometers away from the sanjiang county. The first class seat is 132 yuan and the second class seat is 82 yuan. Opon your arrival in Sangjiang, you can travel around by local public bus or minibus.


By Bus

How to get to Sanjiang from Liuzhou by bus? To get to Sanjiang from Liuzhou, one is able to take shuttle bus. The bus departs from 6:15 am to 5:55 pm every day and the terminal is Sanjiang Hexi Passenger Station. It will take 3.5-4 hours for one way. It is a relatively cheap and economic way to travel.


By Car Rental

Also, if you want to have a comfortably and easily trip or you have someone to share the expense with you, you can rent a car together with an experienced driver and a tour guide from a local travel agent. Most of travel agencies can offer this kind of transfer service. TopChinaTravel can offer the private transfer service for our clients. If you need, please send the details to sales@topchinatravel.com.