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Famous Landmarks in Liuzhou

Famous Landmarks in Liuzhou are considered the Name Card of Liuzhou, like the Baili Liujiang River, Liuhou Park, Longtan Park and Confucius Temple, etc., which are precious gifts of Liuzhou. They are somehow, represent a certain character or role Liuhou played to the world. Come with TopChinaTravel, to witness and appreciate those famous Liuhou Landmarks.


Baili Liujiang River 百里柳江

The Baili Liujiang River area is one of the key scenic spots in Liuzhou city, Guangxi and a national 4A scenic spot. Liujiang River winding through the city of Liuzhou, in the city came a 180-degree turning, forming a huge "U" shape. Liuzhou Baili Liujiang Tourist Area has the most dynamic view of the city and is the best choice for enjoying the night view of Liuzhou city. The winding Liujiang River through the city and draw the outline of a misty line. Sitting on a cruise ship, people can see the largest river-lifting floating music fountain in Asia - the Liujiang Fountain, as well as the Liuzhou Confucian Temple, Dongtai Mountain, Jiangbin Park, Jiahe Mountain, Panlongshan Waterfall, Liujiang Bridge and other scenery.


Liuhou Park 柳侯公园

Liuhou Park, located on the north bank of Liujiang River in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, is the most famous scenic spot in Liuzhou, Guangxi. It is a park built to commemorate Liu Zongyuan who is the Tang Dynasty's great writers and former governor of Liuzhou. It was built in the first year of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty (1909). Founded in 1906, the park has historic sites related to Liu Zongyuan, such as Liu Zongyuan Memorial Temple, Liu Zongyuan's Tomb of the Crown, Luochi Pool, and Ganxiang Pavilion. On December 7, 2009, Liuhou Park was one the list of the third batch of national key parks. is on the list. As a result, Liuhou Park has become the only national key park in Guangxi.


Longtan Park 龙潭公园

Longtan Park, also known as Liuzhou Dalongtan scenic area, is an open urban comprehensive park featuring karst natural landscapes, highlighting the ethnic customs culture of the south, and integrating the subtropical karst plant science and landscape. Dalongtan Scenic Area is located in the south of Liuzhou City, only three kilometers from the city center, with a planned area of about 544 hectares. Visit longtan park not only to enjoy the exotic mountains and rivers in the subtropical karst area, but also to enjoy the architectures of different ethnic groups. In addition, you can enjoy the colorful minority singing and dancing performances in the ethnic villages of guangxi and taste the unique minority dishes.


Confucius Temple 文庙

The Confucius Temple, also known as Temple of Literature, is located in Shuinan Rd, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. It is a place to worship Confucius. The Temple of Literature is an important cultural landmark in the “Baili Liujiang” landscape, a classic of more than 2,000 Chinese Confucius temples. It is a national 4A level scenic spot. The main hall of the Temple of Literature is the Dacheng Hall, which is the central place of the Confucian memorial ceremony. Xing Tan is the place where Confucius taught his disciples. Minglun Hall is the exhibition room for Confucius' life.


Liuzhou Military Museum 柳州军事博物馆

The Liuzhou Military Museum is the largest military museum in the southwest of China. It is one of the eight national defense education theme park pilot units identified by the National Defense Education Office. In the military museum pavilion, there are five exhibition areas of the Chinese Navy, Army, Air Force, Second Artillery and Armed Police. Each exhibition area has texts, pictures, images and models to give visitors the most intuitive understanding of the development history and equipment of the Chinese military.


Dongtai Mountain 东台山

Dongtai Mountain, also known as Dengtai Mountain, is located on the south bank of Liujiang River in Liuzhou City, south of Longshan Mountain. The west side of the mountain is a cliff, named Longxu Cliff, and the cliff is directly inserted into the Liujiang River. Dongtai Mountain is a perfect place to see the panoramic view of Liuzhou.

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