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Lijiang Travel Tips

Travel to Lijiang, you need to pay attentions  to some situations as listed below:
Lijiang Ancient Town
►1. If you plan to travel Lijiang in the peak tourist season (like in the Spring Festival, May Day, national holiday), you must make room reservation before departure. In the peak season a few small inn hotels will appear some phenomenon like with all sorts of excuses to unsubscribe, so suggest that when booking room you have better ask and compare more hotels, and find a reputable inn. Due to competition, bad reputation hotels are basically out of the city hotel market. Hotel room in the peak season will have a certain rise; the specific price is varying according to the specific situation.

►2. Lijiang is still in the rainy season in the middle of August, and is likely to rain, suggest bring a coat, and waterproof clothing, etc. Also prepare some cold, intestines and stomach or pain medications, such as cold tablets, compound aspirin, antibiotics, etc. If you worry plateau reaction, you can prepare some drugs for plateau reaction.

►3. Lijiang, temperature difference in day and night is bigger; please bring enough warm clothing, and the commonly used drugs. Especially a family with the old man and the child need to pay attention to prevent colds.

►4. Lijiang sunshine is strong, and ultraviolet ray is also strong. Doing outdoor activities for a long time need to wear a hat, and apply a serum or moisturizer, in order to protect the skin. Although Lijiang is located in the south, but the dry air, especially in the autumn and winter, the dry wind will blow your face. So bring moisturizing cream to protect skin to taste is also very necessary.

►5. On the snow-capped mountains is unfavorable to have strenuous exercise, should not be drinking but eating more vegetables, fruits in case the altitude reaction. Frail elderly should prepare for the commonly used drugs. Frail elderly, people who have high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and heart disease should not go to the mountains.
Lijiang City
►6. If you want to hike the tiger leaping gorge on foot, must take all outdoor equipment, drugs, etc. And have better going with a group of people.
►7. Please respect the local ethnic life and beliefs to avoid conflict with local residents.

►8. In Lijiang, almost every village has water pool come from snow mountain stream, is the main source of drinking water, and generally can directly drinkable. In the villages, after the long distance tour, if it’s hot thirsty, avoid direct drinking spring water like locals do, outsiders drink without boiling mountain spring is easy to cause diarrhea. Especially can’t get down directly to drink mountain spring, if you really want to drink you can lift by hand, or with kind of appliance like cup scooped up, then observe if there are leeches, if not you can have drink. In Lijiang area, it is the best to drink boiled water, or taking with drinking water.

►9. Walking in the forest, pay attention to tighten your shoes, better wearing a scarf around the neck. If meet with fly leeches on the skin, not to pull it but pat it to make it off. Also note hives and don’t disturb cellular.

►10. The best travel time: visit Lijiang, first is the autumn because it is cool; and then is in the summer. Lijiang spring flowers are in full bloom, of course, the winter has enough sunshine, so it is also a good choice to visit snowcapped spring.