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Lijiang Railway Station

Lijiang Railway Station is the terminal of Dali-Lijiang Railway. It is specifically located in Lijiang city at northwest Yunnan province. It is now the second-largest train terminal in Yunnan and is now the third-class station.

Lijiang Railway Station started the construction in 2004. The railway track laying work was finished on September 3, 2009, and on January 1, 2010, it officially opened to passengers. According to the plan, this railway will serve as an important section of the Yunnan-Tibet railway, connecting with the Lijiang-Shangri-la Railway at north, and will extend to Tibet. It extends eastward to connect Guangtong-Dali Railway to Kunming; west to connect Dali-Ruili Railway and through Ruili and Tengchon to Burma. It is also an important section of outbound international channels.
Lijiang Railway Station
Lijiang East Railway Station used to be the main station in Lijiang, and in August 2011, it was changed into a freight station. Later, the new Lijiang station became the new passenger station.

Basic Information of Xian North Railway Station

English Name:

Lijiang Railway Station

Chinese Name:



located in Shangji Village of Yulong County, 10 km away from Lijiang

Main Railway:

Dali - Lijiang Railway

Lijiang Railway Station has specific Naxi style and features. The station covers an area of 11,821 square meters. The building of the station is 32.50 m high, 182 m long and 50.3 meters wide. The station building offers VIP waiting room, fire-fighting facilities, emergency evacuation routes, broadcasting, communications, barrier-free access and so on. New Lijiang Railway station has two waiting rooms with 1200 chairs and four PPD screens. On the first floor’s waiting room, there are also Baggage Storage, supermarket, McDonald's, etc. And on the second floor’s waiting room, there is a casual tea room.
Lijiang Railway Station
The Ticket Hall has 17 ticket windows. The ticket office opens daily from 7:00 pm to 11 pm. Each ticket window is open daily from 7:20 ~ 9:00, 12:00 ~ 15:00, 17:20 - 20:30.

Dali - Lijiang Railway
Dali - Lijiang Railway Station is about 164 km, starting south from Dali and North arriving in Lijiang. It is an important part of the huge project of the construction of Yunnan-Tibet Railway in 2004. On September 28, 2009, it was officially launched operation.

Dali - Lijiang Railway is 164 km long. The railway line starting from Dali East Station, through the east bank of Lake Erhai, Xiyi, Heqing and arriveing Lijiang. Dali - Lijiang Railway is a section of Yunnan-Tibet Railway which belongs to the national long-term railway network plan. southwest of entry and exit is to build a major international channel section. Its construction has improved and expanded the railway network in Yunnan China and Southeast Asia connecting Dali, Shangguan, Heqing and Renhe.

Transportation Tips
The new Lijiang Railway Station is located in Shangji Village of Yulong County, 10 km away from Lijiang.

The No. 4 Local Bus could take you from Lijaing Ancient Town Entrance to the Railway Station. You can also take No.18 local bus at Bailong Square to the station.

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