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Lijiang Clothing Tips

► (1) Mix and match:
for travelers who love traveling and sports, sports mix leisure suits are not only soft and elastic as sportswear, but the thick denim fabrics more rough what providing mountain climbing and hiking with personal protection. Jacket, sports t-shirts, jeans, this three-piece is comfort in the trip.

► (2) The shoes: travel to Yunnan need to pay attention to the choice of shoes. When you buying shoes, choosing the shoes which have moderate strength of the toe and heel with skid resistance stripes at the sole and have enough empty places for tiptoes. Walking for a long time will make the foot swelling, so size of travel shoes must bigger than usual.

► (3) Pants: wear-resisting degree of pant is very important, loose jeans and cotton slacks will give you comfortable, natural and unrestrained feeling in the outdoor activities. But better choose the GORE TEX wind pants in the real field sport.

► (4) Windcheater, which is very popular in outdoor clothing of good wind resistance and thermal insulation properties, the high-tech products can prevent rain infiltration, and the magical effect that steam generated by the sweat can send out.
► (5) Hat: Traveling Yunnan in October, the sun ultraviolet ray is very strong, when you travel, hat is necessary.

► (6) Sunglasses: go to Lijiang, the sun glasses is also one of necessary equipments. When driving, fishing, and doing other outdoor activities, choose dark sunglasses made of polarized lenses can make the beam syntropy and downy, to eliminate the influence of external light, make the vision clear and natural, which is very practical.

► (7) Sun block, moisturizing skin care products: Lijiang sunshine intensity is high, ultraviolet intensity is severe. To distinguish whether a persom is Lijiang local resident or not, the easiest way is to see the color of his skin, Lijiang local people’s color of skin is very deep than any other in China. The air in Lijiang is dry, moisturizing facial mask and cream is a must-have item, and when sleeps at night, you can put a basin of water in the room in order to increase the humidity. Of course, a lot of Lijiang inn provides a humidifier in each room, without it the next day you will feel a sore throat, even nosebleeds.