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How to Plan a Trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

As a popular destination especially in winter, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has attracted tremendous travelers to come and enjoy its incredibly beautiful sights and amazing show. For tourists who are interested in a great excursion to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, here we offer you those useful tips for such an independent day tour.


How to Get to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Lijiang to Jade Snow Mountain map

Location: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is located in Naxi County, Lijiang, 20 km away from Lijiang Ancient Town, 30 km away from Lijiang Railway Station and 50 km from Lijiang Airport. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is in the north of Lijiang, about 20 km from Lijiang downtown, tourists could take bus, take taxi or charter a car to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain within 1 hours. 

Get to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Lijiang Ancient Town:

  • Option 1: take tourist bus at South Gate Parking Lot of Lijiang Ancient Town to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, and it costs 40 yuan per person.
  • Option 2: take public bus No. 7 at Hong Tai Yang Square, which takes about 15 yuan.
  • Option 3: take taxi from Lijiang Ancient Town, and the fare is within 100 yuan.

When you arrive at the ticket entrance, you should take the tourist car to the cable car station, which costs 20 yuan per person.


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Facts & Tickets

How to plan a trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a group of 13 snow mountains, with the top of mountains covered with snow all year round, and the main peak is 5,596 meters high. And you can find ancient glaciers on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain gets its name because of the shape of those 13 mountains winding just like a flying dragon, and it is regarded as the sacred mountain of Naxi people.

Open time: 06:00-18:00, stop ticketing at 16:00.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain tickets:

  • Entrance ticket: 180 yuan.
  • Tourist bus ticket: 20 yuan.

  • Buffet at the Snow Restaurant: 48 yuan.
  • Cable car to Glacier Park: 180 yuan.
  • Cable car to Spruce Meadow: 55 yuan.
  • Cable car to Yak Meadow: 60 yuan.
  • Impression Lijiang: 140 yuan for a normal seat, 205 yuan for a VIP seat.

How to plan a trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Rental fare:

  • A down jacket: 50 yuan.
  • An oxygen carrier: 60 yuan.

Best time to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: from November to March of next year.

In Lijiang, from October, the highest day temperature falls to 15 ℃, and the lowest  reach to -3 ℃ in January. January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 5.9 ℃. In February and March, the mountains are covered with a lay of thick snow. 


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Highlights & Sightseeing Routes

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area consists of several parts, Ganhaizi, Blue Moon Valley, Spruce Meadow, Yak Meadow, Glacier Park, Impression Lijiang Theater.

How to plan a trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Highlight 1: the best place of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is to take cable car to the height of 4,508 meters, and then climb to the height of 4,680 meters to see the Glacier Park.

Highlight 2: hiking in the Blue Moon Valley. Blue Moon Valley has 4 lakes formed by mountains blocking the river, and in here you could enjoy natural sights of spruce forest, snow mountain and lakes.

Highlight 3: Spruce Meadow and the Yak Meadow. Spruce Meadow is in a height of 3,240 meters, and the Yak Meadow is 3,700 high, where you could walk on the plank roads and and stroll around to enjoy beauty of mountains and meadow. In here, you could also ride horses for having fun.

Highlight 4: watch Impression Lijiang Show. Impression Lijiang Show is a large outdoor live show with a backdrop of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with hundreds of professional performers, and tourists could learn about local customs and culture through the show. The show is performed 3 times a day at 11:10, 12:50 and 14:20.

Sightseeing routes:

Route 1: Cable Car Station to the Glacier Park-the Snow Restaurant for lunch-Impression Lijiang Theater—the Spruce Meadow-Blue Moon Valley-the Yak Meadow.

Route 2: Cable Car Station to the Glacier Park- the Spruce Meadow-Blue Moon Valley Impression Lijiang Theater.

Tourists could make changes in the sightseeing route according to your time and preference.


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Day Tour Itinerary

How to plan a trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

For this independent tour, we recommend you make it at the early morning, because the ticket of cable car to the Glacier Park is highly likely to be sold out before 09:00 AM in the tourism peak.

Departure before 09:00 AM.

Having a day tour in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain:

Step 1: the entrance gate-Ganhaizi Tourist Center-Cable Car Station to the Glacier Park-2 hours tour-back to Ganhaizi Tourist Center.

Step 2: Ganhaizi Tourist Center-Spruce Meadow (1 hour tour)-Blue Moon Valley (1-2 hours tour)- Ganhaizi Tourist Center.

Step 3: lunch at the Snow Restaurant-Impression Lijiang Theater.

Of course, you could change step 3 with step 2, and add Ganhaizi to your day tour. In step 2, if you bring simple food to eat, you could save more time for natural sights. In step 3, if you have much time, you could also visit the Yak Meadow after Blue Moon Valley.

Leave Jade Dragon Snow Mountain before 18:00 PM. 

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain tourist map

Sightseeing tips:

1. You may need to rent warm clothes if you do not prepare warm clothes.

2. You may need to rent an oxygen carrier, if you are in weak condition or not often go to fitness center.

3. Take a taxi or charter a car to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, due to its convenience and time-saving.

4. Bring some high calorie food to offer energy when you are tired.

5. You may need to wear a pair of sunglasses to prepare your eyes.

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