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How to Get to Tiger Leaping Gorge from Lijiang

A is for Lijiang and B for Tiger Leaping Gorge

Where is Tiger Leaping Gorge?

Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡)is located in 100 km (62 miles) northwest of Lijiang, Hutiaoxia Town, Shangri-La County 674402, China. Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest gorges on the planet, and it has the best hiking trail in the Lijiang area.

How to Get to Tiger Leaping Gorge form Lijiang?

By Private Transfer Services via Travel Angecy

Foreign visitors can rent a car with an experienced driver and a English-speaking tour guide from a travel agency. By this way, the trip will be more comfortable and flexible for you, but the expense is a little expensive. Top China Travel can offer the car-renting of transfer service for our clients if you like.

By Public Way on Your Own

Also, you can go there by public way. Visitors can take non-stop buses at Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Station—丽江客运站 (located at Changshui Road to the southwest corner of Lijiang Old Town) to get to Qiaotou County--桥头镇 in Chinese, also known as Hutiaoxia County—虎跳峡镇), where is the upper Tiger Leap Gorge located at. Go from Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Station 丽江客运站 to Hutiaoxia county虎跳峡镇/(also named Qiaotou county 桥头镇), then go to Tiger Leaping Gorge from Hutiaoxia County.

How to get to Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Staion丽江客运站?

By bus from downtown: Get to Bus station from city centre by bus No.13. Make sure you only pay for going to Hutiaoxia County if you plan to hike the upper gorge. They might sell you a more expensive ticket to "Tiger Leaping Gorge" but that would take you past the start of the trail.

By taxi from train station: If you are arriving in Lijiang by train, it is only a 15yuan-taxi-ride to get to the center bus station from train station. Try to avoid the private minivans waiting in the train station parking lot that will ask for ¥400-¥500 to drive you directly to Hutiaoxia County. Go to center bus station from train station by public bus is too complicated for a visitor with language barrier so you don’t recommend go there by buses.

Bus Schedules from Lijiang to Hutiaoxia County 虎跳峡镇

There are only one bus departs for Hutiaoxia county every day. The bus leaves at 8:30 am and the journey takes about 2 hours in the medium-sized bus. Occasionally there will one more bus added to the schedule when it is holiday time and more buses are demanded. The additional bus will departs at 8:00 if there is one in peak season. Below is a time table including ticket fares information regarding to the buses schedule from Lijiang to Hutiaoxia County for your reference. (This information is updated to 2018-06-14)

Depart Time Depart Station Arrive Station Duration Ticket Fare
08:00 (Additional Bus) Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Station 丽江客运中心 Hutiaoxia County 虎跳峡镇/ Qiaotou County 桥头镇 2 hours 33 CNY
08:30 Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Station 丽江客运中心 Hutiaoxia County 虎跳峡镇/ Qiaotou County 桥头镇 2 hours 22 CNY

Take a Taxi Lfit from Hutiaoxia County to Tiger Leaping Gorge

After you have arrived Hutiaoxia County, it is common that there will be many taxi drivers and minivan drivers waiting at the station trying to sell you a lift to the Tiger Leaping Gorge from town. In this case, these private drivers are convenient options because there is only about 12 kilometers from the Tiger Leaping Gorger from here and these lifts are more flexible than waiting and getting on another bus. The short journey will take about half an hour and the cost will be around 20 to 50 yuan depending how well you are good at bargain and are you sharing the taxi with some other passengers.

Travel Guide

Best Travel Time

Tiger Leaping Gorge is suitable for visiting in all year around. But if you want to hike in the gorge, the rainy season from June to September is the most dangerous time to hike. the best time to hike may be in the months of October, November and May. Opening hour for visiting: 09:00 am-4:30pm

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