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Leshan Giant Buddha Tips



1. If taking bus from Emei Tour Passenger Transport Center (12 Yuan) or from Chengdu Xinnanmen station (46 Yuan) to Leshan Giant Buddha, stop at Leshan Xiaoba Station. After getting off, tourists can take a taxi or No.13 bus (1 yuan) to Giant Buddha stop and then walk back tens of meters is the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area main entrance. If you want to enter the scenic spot from Oriental Buddha Park, then you can get off the bus from the Oriental Buddha Park Stop.

2. Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei is the world natural and cultural heritage, the distance between two spots are close, so it is better to visit these two attractions when you visit to Leshan. If you are visiting to Mount Emei at first, it is suggested that you can spend a night under the Emei Mountain, and get up early in the morning to take bus to Leshan Giant Buddha in the second day. Generally each hotel has vehicles that can bring you to the Leshan Giant Buddha, generally costs 15 Yuan a person and they can directly take you to the gate of the scenic spot. And in general, they usually like to send you to the entrance of Leshan Oriental Buddha, because from here to go into scenic spot, in addition to 90 Yuan ticket fee for the Leshan Giant Buddha, you need to pay 70 Yuan to buy additional ticket of Oriental Buddha Park entrance fee. The Oriental Buddha Park is built in 1994, there are more than 3000 of Buddha sculptures made by Sichuan academy professors. If you don't want to go to the Oriental Buddha Park, you must be explicitly tell the driver not to go to the entrance of Oriental Buddha Park.

3. The visiting route can be go as the order like the Giant Buddha, Mahao Cave Tomb, Wuyou Temple when you pay visit to Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot, basically can finish within a half day, and then go back from Wuyou Temple to city.

4. After entering the scenic area, move down inside, in the mountain road on the left there is a happy born maitreya hole, where is Lingyun Mountain Temple site enshrined in the maitreya that was built during the period of the republic of China.
5. Walking a stone road from the direction of the Leshan Giant Buddha, after the door is the Lingyun Temple, this is also the only way which must be passed to see the big Buddha. If you come early, suggest that you go to line up for seeing the giant Buddha, and then come back to see Lingyun Temple, because in later time there will be quite a few people line up for the big Buddha, two or three hours for queuing is very normal. 
6. After lining up, you can go from Lingyun Cliff Road on the left to see the Buddha. The plank road is very narrow and steep, you must pay attention to safety. Go down from a plank road along the way, you can take pictures of Buddha from different angles.
7. After watching the giant Buddha, along the path you can go back to the mountain, the scenery is pretty good all the way. Go straight from the Buddha, you can go to Mahao cave tomb, Wuyou temple. Out of the cave tomb and pas the Haoshang Bridge is Wuyou temple. If you don't want to go to Wuyou temple, you can directly walk down the mountain without passing the bridge.
8. After getting out of the gate of the scenic spot, continue to walk along the road, and you will see Xiaoba Tour Bus Station of starting station of bus No.13, but there is not bus, so you need to continue to go forward. After passing a bridge, turn left at the fork road and go forward for tens of meters, across the street is second stop of bus No.13. It takes about half an hour's drive to the Xiaoba station. In Leshan Xiaoba Tour Station, there is bus to Chengdu Xinnanmen Station every 10 to 20 minutes. The ticket fare is 46 yuan and 2 hour driving time.

Tour Route

Leshan Giant Buddha Map

► Land Route
Grottoes Gate –Dragon Pool- Drinking Pavilion - Leshan Giant Buddha - Lingyun Cliff Road - Lingyun Temple – Lingbao Pagoda – Moruo Memorial Hall – Yougcui Pavillion - Dongpo  Tower –Sanctury of Buddhas - The Forest of Steles - Bijin Tower - Mahao Fishing Village - Mahao Cave Tombs Museum – Wuyou Mountain – Wuyou Temple - Oriental Buddha Park
In the city there are three main long-distance bus stations where you can go to Leshan Giant Buddha: Central Bus Station, Leshan Port Sight-seeing Bus Station, and Lianyun Bus Station. Taxi is also convenient. The taxi fare costs 3 Yuan for the first 2 kilometers, and subsequent every kilometer costs 0.7 Yuan.

► Water Route
Leshan Port is situated in the east of Leshan city and can be reached by bus No.4, 9, 12. There are regular ferries from the port to Giant Buddha and Wuyou Temple. The fee is 2 Yuan per person for one-way. If you want to see the Giant Buddha scenic spot also by ship, the fee is 30 Yuan per person. Visitors can also take ships to Chongqing and other cities in Sichuan Province like Yibin, Luzhou, etc.