Lanzhou Railway Station

Lanzhou Railway Station is located at the intersection of Longhai Railway, Baolan Railway, Lanxin Railway and Lanqing Railway, and will become the starting point of Lanyu Railway. Originating from Lanzhou Railway Station, there are trains to all parts of China. It is one of the large traffic railway stations in China. Lanzhou Railway Station is subordinate to Lanzhou Railway Bureau, setting up seven departments: Office, Labor and Personnel Division, Plans and Finance Section, Security Branch, Technical Branch, Passenger Operations Section, Staff Education Section; production institutional settings: Computer Statistics Office; three divisions of the party: Party Committee, Labor Unions, Communist Youth League. It consists of six production plants: passenger transport, ticketing, operation, sanitation, building and equipment.

Basic Information of Lanzhou Railway Station

English Name:
Lanzhou Railway Station
Chinese Name:
Zip Code:
Start Construction:
1752 km away from Lianyun Railway Station, 216 km from Xining Railway Station, 1912 km from Wuxi Railway Station and 979 km from Baotou Railway Station
Subordinate to:
Lanzhou Railway Bureau

Construction of Lanzhou Railway Station

Lanzhou Railway Station has no official station house, only temporary houses built by stages.
From 1957 to 1961, Ministry of Railways and Gansu provinces leaders paid attention to the construction of Lanzhou Railway Station, which had been designed by four units: Architectural Engineering Department-Beijing Second Industrial Architectural Design, Architectural Engineering Department-Northwestern Polytechnical Institute of Architectural Design, and Design Institute of Gansu Province-Institute of Architectural Engineering Bureau. I
From 1971 to 1972, Railway Bureau of Lanzhou put forward Lanzhou Station Housing reconstruction project report and organize relevant personnel to conduct research programs, and in January 1973 made ​​a preliminary report approved by the Ministry. The scale and standards of the design of the station house location are: station house center mileage Longhai line K1735 +483 Tianshui and Lanzhou axis coincident station house look northward for a “一” font.

Facilities of Lanzhou Railway Station

To meet the railway transport efficient and fast operation needs, Lanzhou ticket hall sets a total of four automatic ticket machines. And follow the operating tips, put 1 Yuan coin into the automatic ticket machines you can get a platform ticket.
Taking the students into account, during students’ holidays, the Railway Station adds ticking windows and reserves sufficient seat tickets and other measures to ensure that students can go back to school by train.
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