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7 Things Not to Do in Kunming

Don’t assume that Kunming is just a transit city during your trip in China. Even though Kunming is not as popular as other tourist cities as Beijing and Shanghai, there are so much for you to explore in this charming city. For a wonderful Kunming tour, we suggest you know the following 7 things not to do in Kunming.


1.Don’t Treat Kunming Only as a Transit City.

Don’t assume that Kunming is just a transit city during a trip in China. Kunming, located in Yunnan Province of China, has both picturesque sceneries and splendid culture. From temples to various parks, there is always something fun to do no matter what kind of traveler you are.

If you’re interested in Buddhism culture, Yuantong Temple, Golden Temple and Qiongzhu Temple will be good for you. Among the famous temples in Kunming, Yuantong Temple is the largest one.

And for parks in Kunming, you have plenty of options, such as Green Lake Park, Grand View Park, Haigeng Park and Black Dragon Pool Park.

Green Lake Park


2.Don’t Ignore the Breathtaking Sceneries on Western Hill.

For those travelers who love hiking, Western Hill and Dragon Gate is what you can’t miss in Kunming. Covered with varieties of lush plants, Western Hill owns gorgeous mountain-and water views, as it’s just beside the beautiful Dianchi Lake. When you take the cable car, you can catch amazing shots of Western Hill from different angle.

Western Hill and Dragon Gate


3.Don’t Hesitate to Dance with the Locals at Green Lake Park.

Green Lake Park, also known as Cuihu Park, is an ideal place for you to get closer to local life in Kunming. Lots of retired people prefer to dance together in the park, and when it’s weekend, more people of all ages will gather together in different ethnic clothes.

Don’t hesitate to dance with the local people, there will be happy if you can join them. It will be a great chance for you to learn minority dances here.


4.Don’t Just Stay in Kunming City.

There are a bunch of things to do in Kunming, however, it will be a pity if you only stay in Kunming city. If you have a flexible schedule for Kunming, we suggest you visit some places near Kunming. Read on to find out what you really like.

Stone Forest

  • Stone Forest is only 19 minutes from Kunming by bullet train, with extraordinary set of limestone groups which perfectly represents the most stylistic karst landforms.
  • Jiuxiang Scenic Area is quite suitable for a connection with Stone Forest. It is the largest karst cave group in China, with the most numerous and unique caves.
  • Luoping is a bit far from Kunming, about 3 hours by normal train. But you won’t regret the marvelous sceneries of a sea of rape flowers.


5.Don’t Forget to Experience Ethic Culture in Kunming.

As there are about 26 nationalities in Yunnan Province, don’t forget to experience ethic culture in Kunming. The Village of Ethnic Culture will be a great place for you, for it presents the characteristic architectures and special activities of each ethnic group, showing all the tourists the splendid culture and unique customs of all the nationalities in Yunnan.

Village of Ethnic Culture


6.Don’t Leave Kunming Empty-handed.

Most travelers prefer to do some shopping during a trip in Kunming, as there are so many worth-buying specialties you can choose from. The most representative souvenir must be Pu’er Tea. For other gifts, you can consider jade products, Sani Saddlebag and Batik. We believe that your friends will definitely like those characteristic presents from China.



7.Don’t Miss Local Food in Kunming.

Tasting local food is also a good way to know about the charming culture in Yunnan. Famous food in Kunming are the Cross-bridge Noodles and Steam Pot Chicken. You can also have a meal in the Dai Ethnic restaurant for authentic dishes. Featured snacks in Kunming are also delicious, don’t forget to have a try.

Dai Food


Don’t Worry. Let Top China Travel Help You.

By knowing the top things not to do in Kunming, you may get some new ideas for an unforgettable tour in Yunnan. Kunming won’t just be a transit city for you, so don’t hesitate to put Kunming on your bucket list. You can see our sample tours for some inspirations, or contact us for a hassle-free tour.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces