Kunming History

Kunming, with a history more than 2,400 years, owns its importance to the fact that is was the gateway to the well-known South Silk Road that facilitated trade with Tibet, Sichuan, Myanmar and India. In this page, you will find the brief introduction of the history of Kunming.

Early History
As early as the Paleolithic Age, 30,000 years ago, Dianchi Lake area (now Chenggong Longtan Mountain area) had human lived. Kunming is one of the birthplaces of mankind.
The Warring States Period
In the 3rd Century BC, Chu entered Yunnan, set fortification at Jinning, and built Dian Kingdom. The kingdom last for 300 years, and Kunming is one of the ancient capital in China.
Han Dynasty
In 109 BC (Western Han Dynasty), Emperor Wu conquered Yunnan and expanded territory to Yunnan, setting Yizhou at Dianchi Lake Area, Kunming was the Guchang County of the 24 counties under the administration of Yizhou.  
The Three Kingdoms, Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties
During Shu Kingdom, Zhuge Liang conquered Yizhou and changed its name to Jianning. Nanzheng
In Sui Dynasty, its name was changed to Kungzhou. Later in Tang and Song Dynsty, it belonged to Nanzhao Kingdom, Dali Kingdom, and these kingdoms set capital here.
Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty
In 1275AD, Yuan Dynasty established the Yunnan Zhongshusheng and Zhognqing Road, and Kunming County is the capital of Zhongqing Road. The ruling center of Yunnan moved to Kunming from Dali. And Kunming became the province's political, economic and cultural center.
During Ming Dynasty, Zhongqing Road was changed name into Yunnan Mansion. During Ming and Qing Dynasties, Qing’s army conquered Beijing, Zhang Xianzhong’s peasant army retreated to Kunming, he implemented a set of political, economic and cultural systems and ruled here for 12 years. During Southern Ming Dynasty, Kunming became the regime of Gui King Wu Sangu."
Modern and Contemporary
During the Revolution of 1911, Kunming outbreak "Chongjiu Uprising" and overthrow the Qing dynasty in Yunnan, abolished the government, and the provincial capital is still Kunming.
1928, formally established the city of Kunming.
In 1949, Yunnan was peacefully liberated under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the People's Government. Kunming's development has entered a new era.

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